Why DJs Wear Headphones And Why You Should Too

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EDM also known as Electronic Dance Music has taken its spotlight in modern society. EDM started its craze in Europe and has crossed over to America, now circumventing the whole world. Now, every nightclub and bar you go to you can hear the repetitive and synthesized backing track which will make you want to dance. This unique sound has flooded the mainstream culture due to the fact that most people today are now interested in the beat and chorus of the song rather than the lyrics which the EDM is known to have. Behind the music, there is an architect that connects and harmonizes the beat and music. They are called DJs. Not the radio DJ you hear on air but the DJs that command a legion of party animals that make them dance and vibe to their art form. They control this legion by the beat and bass which takes these people into another world where they feel free and alive. That is the power of the DJs today. DJ’s need headphones that are going to stand the test of time. That’s one reason why we reviewed the best DJ Headphones this year so far.

You Need Headphones When Performing Live

Now, most DJs wear headphones as a part of their get-up. It has become part of their fashion statement but the main purpose of the headphones is for the DJ to hear his music. It gives clarity to the sound of their mix. Veteran DJ’s will say that headphones are not necessary but DJing is not a simple task because they are mixing two tracks into one artistic sound. Others do it live so having headphones will give him the advantage of switching from one track to another without exposing it to the crowd. It makes them hear better and concentrate on their mix. One of the songs will be currently playing on the main system which the crowd can hear, while the other one that is playing in his headphones which he will be mixing in the main loop. In order to have that perfect mix, both tracks must have the same tempo and the beat must be synchronized.

You Need Headphones To Mix Tracks

By using headphones, the DJ can hear the quality of the sound and then know when to change the music or mix it up. It also helps the DJs in hearing their cue points and waveforms. They can change the tempo and beat to match the incoming music they will mix. Headphones will also help them when they are not familiar with the songs they are playing. Headphones have many advantages, especially to the DJs who are still new to the art form. If you are not a DJ but just a devotee of the music, wearing headphones can also help you.

Headphones Add Style To The DJ Look

It can add style to your outfit and will protect your ears from the loud bass. Just like the DJ, people wear headphones to listen to their music. It gives them pleasure while doing something. Music lifts up the mood and soothes the mind and soul. DJ or not people need headphones for one purpose alone, and that is for music.

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