What is a DJ mixer and how do they work

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If you are wondering how DJs manage to keep the music going without any kind of off-tune or missed timings, or how they manage to keep the hype and excitement at the highest levels during parties and events, then you are probably asking about DJ mixers. DJ mixers are the miraculous piece of equipment that helps the DJs in their jobs. Without their mixers, they wouldn’t dare perform and in fact, they cannot perform. It is like the microphone to a vocalist, the scissors to a barber, or the brush to a painter. Without their DJ mixers, DJs lose their capacity to perform and do their jobs.

DJ mixers are basically musical console systems that allow the DJs to smoothly transition from one track to another or layer their current track with new beats and rhythm. It allows them to change and edit the music or track and add various special effects to the song. This is all done via buttons, knobs, and even joysticks. As for the smooth transition of tracks, with a DJ mixer, DJs can listen to the next track with the help of a headphone even if the current track that is being played is different from the one listened to. This way, DJs are able to adjust the next track to make the transition smoother and more exciting.

So, you might be thinking that, with these capabilities and features, DJ mixers might be hard to control and operate. Well, you’re both right and wrong. Right in a sense that it is hard to control and operate in order to produce a full song with new and unique beats. And wrong in a sense that it is hard to learn how to use it. In fact, the most basic DJ mixers are very self-explanatory and easy to learn. You can definitely learn and get familiar with the equipment with a just few minutes of testing and exploring.

Basically, DJ mixers work like a computer or a stereo radio, the only difference is that you are not familiar with the uses of the buttons, knobs, and other controls. It is started by connecting it to a CD, USB, or even a computer to play music. Without touching anything, you will notice that nothing will be changed with the song. On the other hand, with a few presses of the buttons and a quick up and down on the knobs or levers, you will immediately notice a response and a change in the volume of the song, or a few tug sssh, twisting sounds, and bass drops on the song. This process is all done within a few seconds with the mixer processing your action and quickly sending it to the speakers and amplifiers.

Once you get familiar with the different buttons and controls, it is time to slide the headphones on to your ears and try that layering, mixing, and transitioning of different tracks. Experience the techno vibe and try mixing songs to create your own bass drops and unique beats.

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