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QSC was founded in the late 1960s and has been able to grow and develop into one of the leading design and manufacture companies of professional audio and video equipment. QSC strives to outperform their competition and they accomplish this goal by constantly striving to produce better products. QSC speakers and other audio equipment, are highly coveted items among professionals who not only work in the music industry but also film and theatre. Today, they operate from a 51,000 square foot home office in Costa Mesa, California. Their manufacturing facility is a generous 81,000 square foot facility in Costa Mesa, California as well. In addition to their California work spaces, they have satellite offices all over the world. It is no wonder that they are a global favourite in the industry.

Powered PA Speakers

The History Of QSC Speakers

QSC is considered a global leader in creating superb audio equipment. They are most well known for their great design and high-end engineering skills when it comes to creating performance audio products. They specialise in loudspeakers, digital mixers, power amplifiers, and more. What sets them apart is that their products are typically professionally installed, are portable, and are used by consumers, business owners, and professionals all over the world. But, how did they catapult themselves into being a global leader? This article will highlight some of the most important snippets of QSC’s history so that we can better understand what it took to get them to their current status.

Founded in 1968 by Patrick Howe Quilter, QSC was formed because of his love of electronics and music. An engineering student, he enjoyed playing bass for his brother’s high school band. The band was known as “Blown Mind” and was a typical garage band in California for the time period. As the story goes, when Quilter was interested in purchasing a bass amp with a budget of $250, he was of the mind that he could make one for that kind of money. $250 in the 1960s was a good chunk of change. So, Quilter made his own bass amp and it did not take long before his musician friends were lining up asking him to make guitar amps for them as well. It was because of this, that he left his academics and with the help of friends and family members, he started his own company.

The company started out small and operated out of a small shop in Costa Mesa, California. It consisted of a manufacturing establishment as well as a retail storefront. He built the amplifiers in the back room and sold them in the front room. Notably, his first products were named after him such as the “Quilter Sound Thing” and was a popular item. At the time, the company was known as Quilter Sound Company and did not change their name officially to QSC, LLC until 2015!

During the 1980s, Quilter began to diversify his interests and began to work on perfecting the class G technology from his powerful amplifier models. Fast forward some years, and in the 90s he began to develop additional items such as network audio systems that offered remote control capability and the monitoring of amplifiers. These products were known as the “Q-SYS Control” and was one of the first to be licensed with MediaLink. MediaLink was a flop as it did yield the professional audio users that was expected so QSC quickly abandoned ship. Instead, they began to work on ethernet-based networking which was quickly becoming the latest trend.

It was also in the 90s, that QSC began to create loudspeakers which is a great accomplishment as they are now one of the best suppliers of loudspeaker systems in the world.

QSC is a company that has grown over the years while keeping one thing the same throughout the process. That one thing is high quality products at a reasonable price!

What Types Of DJ Speakers Do QSC Produce?

When you purchase a product from QSC, you know that you will be investing quality. Whether you are a newbie in the DJ field or you have had a standing gig at Club Med for 5 years, QSC products are professional grade and can be used by all types of musicians, DJ’s, producers, and other professionals. So, what types of speakers do they produce? This article will give an overview of the types of speakers that you can expect to see marketed under the QSC brand.

Powered PA Speakers

It wasn’t until the 1990s that QSC began to engineer and manufacture loudspeakers. Today, QSC’s loudspeakers are considered a global favourite as people from all over the world rave about their high-quality performance, great sound, and the ability to withstand the test of time. In fact, the K.2 Loudspeaker series was just released in late 2017 and provides 2000 watts of power along with high performance woofers and compression drivers. This loudspeaker is not to be missed as it is covered by warranty for up to 6 years when registered. They are truly a great product for the money that you will spend. Before purchasing powered PA DJ speakers it’s best to get to know other brands before making any buying decisions.

If you are in the market for an active speaker combination, consider looking into QSC’s K.2 or KW series. The KW series offers a wooden cabinet along with the same interior design of the speaker components from the K2 series but the cabinet is notably lighter in this version. The K.2 series offers 2000 watts per speaker and provides smooth sound quality over the area in which you are directing sound.

It is important to note that QSC is a great manufacturer or both passive speakers and active speakers that can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you are going to be performing live in a small or large venue, QSC offers sound solutions for any event you can imagine.

Portable PA speakers

This product is a favourite amongst many professional DJ’s who find themselves traveling a great deal. Owning a decent pair of professional speakers is a great asset to have as they are versatile and can come in handy. It can be quite a pain to lug a large set of speakers around with you which makes portable PA speakers coveted by those who travel a great deal. Specifically, the QSC K10 portable speaker is well known because they offer 1000 watts of great balanced, natural, and deep setting bass response that is better than other speakers of the same genre for a more reasonable price. In addition, the design quality is sharp, high quality and professional.

Acoustic Performance Series

This popular line of passive speakers are great for live band performances. This speaker line ranges from smaller models to large models that can entertain a vast crowd. The beauty of QSC products is that there are no once-size fits all, cookie cutter, speaker sets that everyone chooses to buy. QSC has taken a great deal of time to put thought into each of their products as a way of clearly creating a solution-oriented partnership with their customers. QSC offers versatility, quality, accuracy, and great sound performance in each product that they create and manufacture.

What You Can Expect When Buying QSC Speakers

If you have never spent money on a product brand before, it can be a challenge to pull the trigger and try something new. Often times we find ourselves sticking to the brands that are mass marketed and overflow the market. The trouble is, however, that these products may have a great brand name and an even better marketing team behind them, but where they lack is in quality. While QSC may not be the brand that you hear people talking about on the subway, the quality is far superior than to comparable brands with a better marketing team.

The point is, that it is important to try new things. Especially when the writing on the wall is that you will be blown away by how far your dollar goes when you are not spending it on helping to fund a typical companies’ marketing budget. In other words, when you purchase from QSC, you can expect to pay for high quality performance and great sound. You will not pay for a high overhead of other company expenditures such as marketing, packaging, and the like.

QSC also stands by some other values when it comes to customer experience.

Great customer service

When you purchase a QSC product, you can rest assured that you will experience great customer service. QSC started out as a one-person shop and has grown substantially over the years. In order to be successful at selling professional equipment, customer service had to be a priority. When you purchase a QSC product, you can expect to be treated with respect throughout your entire process; from shopping to purchasing to having repairs conducted on your equipment.


One of the reasons that QSC remains relevant without spending trillions of dollars on marketing is because they truly believe in educating the consumer. From their website to the experience you get when visiting a store that sells QSC products, you will be given top class education on the product you are looking at buying. The reason that this is important is that it will help you understand how to use the products to the best of their ability. In addition, it ensures that you purchase the right kind of product for your needs and future goals.


QSC offers a variety of warranties as they know that one size does not fit all. Most warranties are limited to 3 years but you can purchase an extended warranty if this is of interest to you. It is also important to mention that in addition to the warranty, QSC has licensed service providers all over the world. This means that if you are having trouble with a product and it is not working properly, you can take it to a licensed repair specialist to have it looked at. This will save you from trying to fix it on your own and thus destroying the warranty. The warranty is only valid as long as the product has not been neglected, tampered with, or destroyed in any way.

The Bottom Line

QSC is a brand that was created out of the desire to engineer and manufacture great, quality products at a price point that most could afford. After all, Patrick Quilter created the company because he was confident that he could create a product that was superb for less than the going rate in stores. Because of his desire to create great products and establish clear sound, he was able to build a speaker company that has been successful and overtime has branched out into the DJ market, places of worship, schools, and professional arenas such as cinemas and concerts.

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