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Pyle was founded in the 1960s and was a company that focused on producing advanced woofer systems. Based on their high quality, well-built products, their reputation and popularity rose as customers around the country were all abuzz with the scientifically-tuned woofers that were known to be created by the Pyle brand. It wasn’t until several years later that the brand became a household name and is now an expansive electronics giant. Over the years, Pyle has evolved and has gone from just manufacturing amazing woofers, to expanding into marketing car and home audio systems, marine audio, and professional audio equipment. Pyle speakers are world renowned for making some of the best DJ speakers which is why they are used by musicians and DJ’s all over the world.

Powered PA Speakers

Portable PA Speakers

The History of Pyle Speakers

A company that has been around for decades, Pyle was born in the 1960s. At that time they were known for being a top manufacturer of advanced woofers. Pyle became a household name fast as customers began to rave about their products to anyone that would listen in the US. It was not long after they started business that they began to produce speakers. It was actually the speakers that made Pyle a top household name amongst consumers.

20th Century Developments

During the 20th century, Pyle added car audio and the manufacturing of replacement speakers to their repertoire. A major transformation occurred around the year 2000 when Pyle expanded into the competitive market places of car audio, home audio, marine audio, and professional audio equipment. This line is known today as the Pyle Pro line. In addition to Pyle Pro, there is also a Pyle Car division, Pyle Home division, and Pyle instruments. Today, Pyle is world-renowned for making award-winning products that are not only high quality, but backed by sincere, friendly customer service.

Because of the importance of listening to music, or any sound, through speakers is important, we will describe in greater detail the 2 most popular facets of Pyle audio; Pyle Home and Pyle Pro.

Pyle Home

The Pyle Home line is diverse and inclusive of all interest areas. Taking into consideration a consumer population that varies in economic status, Pyle has been able create products that not only appeal to the masses, but that people from all walks of life can feasibly afford.

Pyle Home includes not only equipment but also accessories that can be used to enhance one’s experience with music and media while at home. One of the main components to this endeavour is by making outstanding products that can help one create a unique home theatre experience. A home theatre is now as popular as having a finished basement and it is a feature that many are striving to build in their home. Pyle not only offers great speakers, but also projectors, TVs, mounts, and stands. Pyle helps you become the life of the party on your block by way of outstanding equipment.

While being able to play music and watch media on a top-notch system at home is a dream come true for many, Pyle also has a professional line of products that can meet the needs of those in themusic industry. Whether you are a professional DJ, producer, musician, or artist, Pyle probably has a product to meet your needs.

Pyle Pro

Did you know that Pyle is a leading source of audio equipment in the entire world? It is true. Pyle Pro offers a vast array of DJ equipment, instruments, and lots of other audio accessories. Pyle Pro products are unique in that they are engineered and designed with professionals in mind so they are much different than the products that you will get when purchasing from the Pyle Home line.

If you are a DJ, you find the Pyle Pro PA system to be of interest. Out of the Pyle Pro line, the PA system is known to be a top seller and a favourite among DJ’s, musicians, and artists alike.

What Types Of DJ Speakers Do Pyle Produce?

When one thinks about purchasing a speaker, there are many considerations that come to mind. What size will the speakers be? Where will I use the speakers? Will I be able to work with them if they are large or will I need help to transport them? These are just a few questions that may pop up while you are on the hunt for a perfect set of speakers, especially if you are a DJ. This article will explain in better detail the types of speakers that are produced by Pyle.

Powered PA Speakers

If you are a DJ in the market for a powered PA system, you are probably thinking what brand of powered PA speakers should I buy? You should seriously consider one that is offered by Pyle Pro. The Pyle Pro line is constantly at the forefront of modern technology with a goal of meeting the demands of the modern-day user. In fact, Pyle tries very hard to stay at the forefront and be the first to launch new products that are innovative and ahead of the competition. The most popular PA system created by Pyle Pro offers a wireless microphone with rechargeable batteries, docking stations for an iPad, and superior sound quality. Perfect for the DJ who has frequent gigs at church, weddings, schools, and birthday parties, the Pyle Pro PA System is not to be missed.

Pyle produces a killer loudspeaker line that is great for those who are going to be playing to a large crowd. Some offer flashing lights, dual woofers, and dual tweeters which create an outstanding sound experience for all to enjoy. Take for example, the Disco Jam 2 Passive Speaker System with flashing lights is a great sound system that offers dual 10″ subwoofers and 4 3″ Piezo tweeters. In addition, there is a ported enclosure for additional bass, a full range stereo, 35mm speaker stand, and easy to use duty handles so that you can transport it around easily. It is important to note that this loudspeaker is passive so it will need to be paired with the Pyle active speaker model PSUFM1072BT. This active speaker is the perfect partner for the Disco Jam 2.

Passive PA Speakers

Pyle produces both passive and active speakers. Choosing a passive speaker over an active speaker is a personal preference. The passive speakers will need to be paired with an external amp as they were not considered to be “powered.” However, the active speakers offer a built-in amplifier so they are easier to use when you just want to plug and play. For those who have an interest in playing in large venues, it is best to purchase a passive speaker system so that you can pair other equipment with them. However, if you are going to be DJing in small venues, the active speaker route may work better for you as you won’t have to connect as many cables to be able to perform at your gig.

Pyle offers a plethora of speaker options that range in size and type. Whether you want a professional speaker system or you prefer to use a portable Bluetooth speaker when you are hanging out at home or at the gym, Pyle has something for everyone.

What You Can Expect When Buying Pyle Speakers

When you set out to become a DJ, music producer, or entertainer, you may not have a complete idea of what you are signing up for. When you choose a career, you often think of it as one thing and then quickly find out once you are immersed into the career lifestyle, that it may be something different completely. The same parallel can be drawn when you purchase a set of speakers. This article will highlight some important things that you can expect from purchasing a Pyle brand speaker system.

Great customer service.

Pyle takes a great deal of pride in the high level of customer service that they provide to their customers. Whether you purchased an inexpensive stereo for home use, or a top of the line system for a professional theatre, the customer service experience you receive from Pyle will always be the same; caring and results driven. Pyle customer service strives to make the customer happy and will work as hard as they can to find a solution to the problem that the consumer is experiencing. While some brands may offer a decent product, the level of customer service that you will receive from Pyle is unprecedented.

High-quality products

When you make a purchase with Pyle, you can rest assured that you are going to be investing in a product that will be made of utmost precision and quality. Pyle engineers and other staffers have spent years researching and testing products so that they can consistently remain at the top of their game. When you purchase Pyle, you can be confident in your equipment as it is up to date with the latest in technology and specifications.

Range of products to choose from.

Pyle offers a wide variety of products. This is important to note because you may find that Pyle is now going to be your go-to brand of equipment. If you find that you are a fan of the Pyle quality and you prefer to stick with one brand, you can do so as Pyle can offer not only speakers but also subwoofers, instruments, and other equipment. In addition to products, Pyle can also offer great accessories and other components that will make your overall user experience better than other experiences you may have had using other brands’ products.


Pyle is not unique in that they offer a good warranty on their products. Pyle trusts their products to be great and find it a rare occurrence when an item needs to be replaced due to equipment failure or malfunction. The reason for this is that Pyle takes time to construct their products with skill and each product goes through substantial testing before being released for purchase. If the product has not be tampered with, neglected, or incorrectly fixed, Pyle will work with you to remedy the problem. Pyle will offer a 1-year warranty in the US on products that experience a defect in “material or workmanship” and must be the original owner. It is important to note that while Pyle will fix the problem free of charge, the consumer is responsible for paying shipping to and from Pyle.

The Bottom Line

The Pyle brand has been a household name since the 1960s, and for good reason. Because of the brand’s longevity and consistency in making both the standard consumer and professional customer happy and overly satisfied with their products, Pyle remains a favourite amongst people from all walks of life. Pyle is a brand that you can count on to receive a great return on your investment. Superior equipment, great sound quality, friendly customer service, and a company that stands behind their products with a generous warranty is a brand that cannot be overlooked. That’s Pyle.

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