Proreck DJ Speakers

Based out of Georgia, with a satellite office in Vacaville, California, Proreck is well known for being a leader in making good products without a hefty price tag. This means that those who are musicians, DJ’s or others interested in music, can find solid equipment without having to break the bank. Proreck speakers happen to be one of the most popular selling items that is made by the brand because of its easily transportable design. In addition, there are many models and colour choices to choose from when purchasing Proreck audio equipment. No matter what your musical goals are, Proreck has a speaker system that will work for you.

Powered PA Speakers

What Types DJ Speakers Do Proreck Produce?

Proreck Audio, Inc. is a company that is well-known for creating affordable speakers that are perfect for anyone interested in breaking into the entertainment or music industry. Whether you are searching for a set of portable speakers or stand-alone units, Proreck has a wide variety to choose from, no matter your budget.

Powered PA Speakers

The beauty that lies within purchasing a Proreck set of PA speakers is that you will be amazed at the quality and workmanship of the product. If you have always believed that buying the most well-known brand will guarantee that you receive great quality, you are mistaken. Big box companies spend millions on marketing and advertising which is one of the main reasons that the cost of their products is so high. The cost doesn’t necessarily associate the level of quality or performance you will receive in a set of speakers.

Proreck PA Speakers are designed with the entertainment industry in mind. Most companies either concentrate on the performance and sound of the speaker or the design and functionality of the speaker that will be enjoyed by the DJ or musician using the equipment. However, Proreck focuses on both the user and the target audience when creating their equipment.

Proreck PA speakers offer versatility and portability. Some models even offer LED lighting, Bluetooth capabilities, and different colour cabinets. Not to mention that these great PA speakers come with everything you need to set up and be successful. You will receive a speaker stand, card reader, remote control, and more! Talk about a great value for the money!

The Proreck PA System is a complete party in one package. If you are a DJ or a musician that travels frequently, this PA system is portable, lightweight, and easy to transport. It provides 15-inch 2000-Watt speakers that are 2-way powered and offer Bluetooth capability. This system also includes a microphone, RCA Line Input and speak on output. With 200-Watt RMS and a high-quality woofer, built-in equalizer, and digital LCD display, this system is a fantastic deal.

Proreck Club 3000

If you want the best of the best, the Proreck Club 3000 will offer you with the best that money can buy. The all-in-one 3000-watt Bluetooth PA system has an active subwoofer, passive subwoofer, speaker stands, remote control, and user manual. The active subwoofer has a 12-inch amplifier and will stream music clearly to the passive speaker as well as the line speakers. This connection guarantees that your music will be delivered to your target audience in a way that is keeps them wanting more.

While the Proreck Club 3000 is the most expensive, top of the line model that Proreck offers, its wide range of usage is well worth it. This PA system offers a 3000-watt peak, 1000 RMS, and can perform to over 1000 people.

Proreck offers some convenient audio solutions to provide DJ’s, musicians, and others in the entertainment industry with an affordable and high-quality option that rival the competition.

What You Can Expect When Buying Proreck Speakers

When one first becomes a DJ, there is much to think about when you invest in equipment for your setup. Further, when it comes to purchasing audio equipment, such as speakers, microphones, mixers, and cables, you want be sure to invest in high quality products so that you don’t waste your money. Proreck is a brand that you can trust to make you look and sound great no matter where you play.

Proreck is a company that has an office in Atlanta, Georgia as well as Vacaville, California. Proreck is not like other brands from the standpoint that they do not offer a wide variety of speakers. Instead, Proreck sticks to only a few speaker models so that they can concentrate on providing high quality products at a reasonable and affordable price to their target market. When you purchase from Proreck, you can expect great quality, superb sound, versatility, and ease of use. This article will highlight each expectation in detail so that you have a clear understanding of what you will receive when you invest in a Proreck product.


Equipment made by the Proreck Audio brand is known to be created by the smartest engineers and manufactured in factories with highly trained employees. In addition, Proreck uses high quality plastics, metals, mesh, and other components to put together sturdy and durable speakers. Speaker cabinets are made with the finest birch wood material and can withstand the wear and tear of heavy travel that is often a DJ’s way of life.


Proreck offers PA speakers and portable PA speaker systems. Both audio product lines are versatile which means that they can be used in places of worship, a small club, wedding, and other social gatherings. When you invest in Proreck Audio, you can rest assured that you will get a great product that can be used while on the go or in a stationary position.

Ease of Use

Using Proreck Audio equipment is easy and does not take much set up. When you purchase an all-in-one system, you connect everything and can immediately begin to use the equipment, which means that you can get to work faster than ever before!

Superb Sound

Last but not least, when you invest in a set of speakers, you want the sound quality to be exceptional. After all, you are investing in audio speakers so that your audience can hear your music. Proreck can offer you speakers in a variety of wattages ranging from 600 to 3000 which is great for those who have varying needs and goals. Because there are a variety of speakers to choose from, you can rest assured that Proreck will have something for you whether you are a new DJ or a professional searching for new equipment.

Proreck is an American company with offices in the southeast and on the west coast. This makes it convenient to receive equipment in a short period of time. In addition, Proreck offers the ability to contact a local dealer who will be authorized to assist should you need maintenance or repairs done on your equipment. Finally, when you invest in Proreck, you will be able to use the equipment for years to come.

The Bottom Line

Proreck is an American company that is well known for engineering and producing high quality speakers that are accessible to new DJ’s and professionals alike. Whether you will be performing in a house of worship, local club, or a school concert, you will keep the crowd pumped up and excited with the clear, crisp sound of Proreck speakers. The best part is that you won’t break the bank when you invest in Proreck!

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