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Headquartered in Meridian, Mississippi, Peavey Electronics Corporation is a company that develops and manufactures audio equipment for those who are serious about music. Peavey was created in the mid 1960s by Hartley Peavey and the brand is well known all over the world for creating outstanding, high quality electronics. Most notably, Peavey speakers are highly coveted among many, specifically talented musicians. Known to design, produce, and manufacture guitar amplifiers, drum kits, bass amplifiers, and sound systems, Peavey has developed quite a loyal following over the years. While there has been some controversy over the past few years as the company was featured on the hit television show “Undercover Boss.” The controversy occurred after the show aired when the announcement had been made that Peavey was closing down the exact facility that had been filmed during the show. While this certainly cast a shadow on the beloved manufacturing giant, it has not stopped them from continuing to create outstanding products.

Powered PA Speakers

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Passive PA Speakers

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PVi 10

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The History Of Peavey Speakers

Peavey Electronics Corporation is an American company based out of Meridian, Mississippi. They are known worldwide for being a leader in the designing and manufacturing of professional audio equipment. While Peavey is a household name and a company that professionals and novices alike know about, it took hard work, perseverance, and dedication to the craft to become what they are today. This article will explain in greater detail the history of Peavey speakers and its significance on the audio equipment marketplace.

In 1955, Hartley Peavey received a gift of tools from his grandfather. Due to his love of tinkering with tools, Peavey enrolled as the youngest student in the Ross Collins Vocational School in Meridian, Mississippi. It was here that Peavey began to experiment with building electronics. In 1957, Peavey built his first amplifier. At the time Peavey was working in his father’s music store which influenced him to begin playing the guitar. However, it was after attending a Bo Diddley concert that Peavey settled on playing rock ‘n roll. Peavey decided to convert his acoustic guitar into an electric version and realized that he would need an amplifier. So, he built one.

Throughout high school, Peavey could be found sketching guitars in his free time. It was apparent that he loved music and he enjoyed creating instruments and audio equipment for fun. It was the sketch that Peavey drew in high school that set the tone and standard look for the Peavey guitars of the future. While finishing up high school, Peavey created his logo that would become a brand that would forever be recognized around the world as being a provider of outstanding audio equipment.

While Peavey was able to get his brand started during his high school career, it wasn’t until the 1960s that Peavey built his first branded amplifier. He built the amplifier in the basement of his parent’s home and even included the instantly recognizable lightning bolt logo design that is still famous today. In 1964 Peavey earned his first patent which would not only make him a great inventor but also, an innovator. Peavey has gone on to acquire hundreds of patents over the lifetime of his career.

In 1965 Peavey Electronics Corporation was established with the mission of providing high quality products at an affordable price. At this time, Peavey equipment was being built by hand which meant that only 1 item per week would be eligible for sale and distribution. After hiring a salesman and experiencing years of growth, Peavey opened a factory in 1968 to help keep up with the manufacturing demands of his products.

Over the past several decades, Peavey continues to differentiate themselves from the competition as they build innovative products that push the envelope while not breaking the bank. Peavey is not only known for great quality, but also durability and product longevity. When you purchase a Peavey product, you can be confident that you will have the item for a long period of time, making it well worth the investment.

What Types Of DJ Speakers Do Peavey Produce?

Peavey is a brand that is known for creating outstanding professional audio equipment. While Peavey started out by making amplifiers, the company has branched out and now makes a plethora of professional audio equipment. Peavey products are known to be of substantial quality which has made them a household name and a global phenomenon. This article will highlight some of the best DJ speaker products made by Peavey that are available today.

Powered PA Systems

The Triflex II is a 3-piece system that consists of a 1000 watt, 2-channel sound system that is ready for your next DJ gig. This system boasts a shared subwoofer cabinet along with a dual set of satellite speakers. This sound system provides a great crisp sound that is balanced. You do not have to worry about having static or not being able to product high output levels as this system offers a great level of bass and offers 3-way effective performance. This system is quite large and would take some strength to move around.

If you are a new DJ and are looking for something a bit more manageable, the Escort Series is a line of PA systems that should be taken into consideration. The Escort system is great for those who are going to be performing at a church, school, or smaller venue. This speaker system is easily transportable and would be great for the DJ who is often going from one gig to another. We reviewed the best powered PA DJ speakers of this year over on this page.


It is no secret that Peavey is a manufacturer of outstanding products. Peavey Loudspeakers are a highly coveted amongst famous artists and a diverse array of professionals within the music industry. Whether you are performing at a concert or in front of a small gathering at a local church, there are many loudspeaker models to choose from that are by the Peavey brand. When you go to a concert or a venue where you are going to be enjoying some live music, be sure to check out the brand of speakers that are being used. Chances are that they will be Peavey’s.

The RBN 110 or 112 Loudspeakers will provide the highest level of audio quality that is imaginable. By using ribbon drivers, Peavey has made the loudspeaker a product that produces clear sound and is equipped with dual voice coil neodymium Scorpion speakers. These speakers highlight Peavey’s exclusive basket technology that is highly coveted amongst music professionals all over the world.

Specifically built for those who are in a band, DJ for a living, or use loudspeakers on a regular basis, the Dark Matter line offers an advanced DSP-equipped power section that is available in 4 models. These models vary in size and power based on the size of the venue and the amount of people you will want to hear your gig.

No matter where you are in your DJ career, Peavey has a speaker system that will work well for you and can be counted on to perform at a high level for the vast majority, it not all of your career. When you make an investment in Peavey products, you can be confident that you will reap the benefits of your purchase for a long time.

What You Can Expect When Buying Peavey Speakers

Created out of a passion for music and an interest in electronics, Peavey has grown in substantial ways over the past 50 years. The level of growth, popularity, and reputation that Peavey has established does not happen if you do not provide excellent quality for the money and operate with sound business practices. When you buy a Peavey product, you can expect a level of quality and sophistication in product that you will not get with any other brand. This article will highlight some of the nuances that make purchasing with Peavey unique.

Rewards Program

Peavey values their customers a great deal. While they show their customers that they care with great customer service, there is also a rewards program that was established to keep customers engaged with the brand and to continue to return for future purchases. The rewards program is simple. The more you shop and engage with the brand, the more points you earn. You can earn points by making a purchase but by also sharing Peavey with friends or signing up to receive their emails. You can exchange points for a credit towards a purchase. For example, 100 points is equal to a $5 credit.

Dealer and Service Centre

To help Peavey customers experience the best level of care, there are dealer and service centre’s established all over the world. These centre’s serve as a place for customers to take their Peavey products should they need a replacement or need help with a repair. This information is easy to find on their website.

Easy to navigate website

A great perk to being a Peavey customer is that their website is easy to navigate. There is a plethora of information on the website such as but not limited to owner’s manuals, community forums, reward program information, education, service information, and warranty information. If you have a question about a Peavey product, their website will be a great resource.


Peavey not only makes great quality products, but they also believe in helping to educate their consumers. Whether you are an average consumer who is new to the music industry, or you are a professional looking for a new set of speakers for a stage setup, Peavey staff members are trained to help you understand the full capability of their products. There is a vast array of information about Peavey products that is available to help you determine the exact product that will work best for you now and in the future.


Most companies provide some level of warranty to their customers. There is a level of confidence and peace of mind that comes with purchasing a product that offers a warranty. On some level, it means that the company stands behind their products. Peavey offers a generous warranty period on their products; however, you must register your equipment for the warranty to be valid. For the purpose of this article, it is important to note that speakers have a 1-year warranty and need to be registered.

The Bottom Line

Peavey is a global brand that is known for being innovative in creating outstanding products for those involved in the audio entertainment industry. Since the 1960s, Peavey has strived to be a brand that is the best in the world and they consistently meet the mark. With an outstanding success rate at producing high quality products, offering great customer service, and engaging consumers in a reward program and community by way of a forum platform on their website, Peavey is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to producing great equipment and creating lifelong satisfied customers.

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