Seismic Audio L-Wave -15 – Our Review

Product Specification

Size: 15″

Wattage: 600

Dimensions: 29″ x 22″ x 16″

Weight: 51 lbs

Our Thoughts On The Seismic Audio L-Wave-15


Seismic Audio is a popular brand because it is well known for producing great, quality products that are designed for professional use but are offered at an affordable price point. Dollar for dollar, your investment will serve you well in professional sound quality over many years.

Noteworthy Features

This 15” loudspeaker offers 600 watts RMS, an 80 oz. magnet and a 3” voice coil. These specifications are noteworthy because it is these components that make up the high-quality, professional sound that you can expect from a Seismic Audio product.

What We Like About It

We appreciate that this speaker is road ready, durable, and ready to take on lots of movement. The rugged speaker cabinet houses high-quality components that produce a significant, clear, and crisp sound. We appreciate the molded enclosure that is specifically designed for durability and helps the speakers survive heavy road travel.

In addition to these great components, this speaker offers a class AB amplifier with a two-band equalizer that includes bass and treble. On the rear panel, there are two-line XLR female and XLR male input and output jacks along with a ¼” input, power switch, fuse protection, mic/line switch, and a boost, flat, cut switch.

Pros +
  • Can be used as a permanent installation or mobile
  • Great for DJ’s, musicians, and industry professionals
  • Durable, molded enclosure makes road travel easy to handle
  • Active and powered speaker
Cons –
  • Not eligible for international shipping

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