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Our Thoughts On The Pyle PSUFM1035A

In this review of the Pyle PSUFM1035A we are going to covering 5 important areas which include key features, what we like, pros and cons, who is this product best suited to and what customers who have bought the speaker are saying about it.

Ready? Let’s get started with this speakers key specfications:

Speaker Size: ” – Watts RMS: 500 – Watts Peak: 1000 –Dimensions 15.8″ x 14″ x 37.2″ – Weight: 51 lbs


Key Features

When you invest in a Pyle product, you can count on getting your monies worth in durability and great features. The Pyle PSUFM1035A 2-Way speaker system is the ultimate in convenience.

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    • Bluetooth Compatibility – Convenience is important when you are DJing to a crowd which is one of the reasons that DJs love having Bluetooth compatibility with their equipment. The Pyle PSUFM1035A speaker not only offers 2-way convenience, but it is also equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology. This means that you can seamlessly connect your iPhone, iPad, Android devices, or tablets to the speaker easily. The benefit to this is that you can play your music from your favorite device and benefit from the dual 10” woofer and dual 3” piezo tweeters made possible by the Pyle PSUFM1035A speaker system.


    • Great Bass – A great DJ speaker can offer superior bass and unforgettable sound quality. The Pyle PSUFM1035A speaker has great specs that include but are not limited to 1000 watts of peak power, 500 watts of RMS power and a generous frequency response of 20hz-20khz.


  • Easy to Use – The Pyle PSUFM1035A speaker is equipped with many great conveniences such as an SD memory card reader with FM radio, USB charging port for smartphones and other devices, 2 ¼” microphone inputs, speaker output clips, and a generous crossover frequency. Other conveniences include a display screen that shows a number of songs, play time, and FM radio frequency. Lastly, the 3.5mm AUX Line Input with cable is easily compatible with most MP3 players and the 7 band EQ includes an on and off control switch.

What We Like

There is much to like about the Pyle PSUFM1035A 2-Way DJ Speaker System. Besides the fact that these speakers offer convenience, great sound, and are made of high-quality components, they offer features that other speakers within the same price range omit. Some of the features we appreciate the most include the overall convenience of use, the ability to produce flashing DJ lights, and the ability to use a light up display screen during a gig.

    • Flashing DJ Lights – When putting on a show, you may find that it is great to have something that others do not. In this case, being able to hit a switch and produce some flashing DJ lights in exciting colors is exciting for both you and the crowd. Flashing and dancing lights can really add some great effects to the overall atmosphere and sound of the tracks you are choosing to play. The lights even dance to the beat of the music!


    • Convenience – Many speakers in this price point omit the convenience of being able to connect seamlessly to Bluetooth which doesn’t allow for the use of a smartphone or sd card. A big benefit to investing in the Pyle PSUFM1035A speaker is that it is built with Bluetooth technology and is conducive to being used with smartphones, tablets, computers, and SD cards. Finally, you can seamlessly stream music over Bluetooth from Pandora, Spotify, or your favorite radio streaming service.


    • Display Screen – Another great convenience to this speaker is that it offers a clear, light up display screen that makes it easy to see the track number and name, speed, play time, and FM radio frequency. A light up display screen will help keep you organized as a DJ and a performer so that you can plan for the rest of your show.


Pros +
  • Available in active or passive configurations
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Includes an SD memory card reader with FM radio
  • USB charging port for smartphones
  • RCA stereo input and output
Cons –
  • Does not include a rechargeable battery
  • Not eligible for international shipping

Who Is This Speaker Best Suited To

The Pyle PSUFM1035A is versatile, convenient, easy to use, and is lightweight enough to be able to transport in between gigs. Both professional and beginner DJs can benefit from this speaker as it is versatile, produces great sound clarity, and includes several useful features.

Another benefit to owning this speaker is that it can be used for house parties, bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, and small weddings. College students rave about using this speaker at fraternity and sorority parties or theatrical performances. This speaker would not be ideal for someone who is planning to DJ for a massive crowd in a stadium or outdoor amphitheater type of setting.

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What Customers Are Saying

Customers are raving about the bass, light show, versatility of use, sound quality, and the frequency range. This speaker is also a favorite because it is easy to transport, easy to set up, and it offers Bluetooth technology, USB ports for charging devices, and flashing lights at an affordable price.

The only downfall to using this speaker is that the Bluetooth functionality has a tendency to drop in the middle of a gig which can be inconvenient if you are not prepared with a backup.

The Bottom Line

The Pyle PSUFM1035A speaker is affordable and is chock full of great features including superior sound quality, a unique light show that dances to the beat of the music, a light up display screen that shows the song and play time, Bluetooth technology, an SD card reader, and a USB charging port. If you are looking for an easy to use 2-way speaker that is available in both passive and active, the Pyle PSUFM1035A speaker will be a good investment.

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