Pioneer XPRS215S – Our Review

front facing Pioneer XPRS215S
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Our Thoughts On The Pioneer XPRS215S

In this review of the Pioneer XPRS215S we are going to covering 5 important areas which include key features, what we like, pros and cons, who is this product best suited to and what customers who have bought the speaker are saying about it.

Ready? Let’s get started with this speakers key specfications:

Speaker Size: 15″ – Watts RMS: 1200 – Watts Peak: 2400 –Dimensions 32″ x 31″ x 20″ – Weight: 171.18 lbs

Key Features

  • Twice the Bass – The Pioneer XPRS215S includes two powerful 15 -inch LF drivers and inside the case it has a custom horn shape made with the intention to give out a high performing low frequency sound. Whether you want this speaker for a small get together, wedding or night club this powerful double bass will give exactly what you need.
  • Back facing Pioneer XPRS215S
  • Flawless Crossover – A crossover switch is included and makes it incredibly easy for you to change the frequency from 80 Hz up to 150 Hz whenever you wish! What’s also important to note is the phase switch (located centimeters away from the cross over switch) gives you the power to change between positive or negative polarity. This can help when you have multiple subwoofers from multiple speakers from cancelling out some of the lower frequency sounds.

  • Flexible Power – Not only with the 215S, but the whole XPRS series of speakers you are able to plug them into anywhere in the world without the need of extra adaptors or wires. This includes locations with simple power supplies or backup generators. The XPRS 215S is very versatile and will detect whatever voltage you throw at it and will have no effect on the quality of sound that comes out. This is great for any DJs that are on the road or must travel to locations that could be using different types of electricity.

  • Portable Design – The inside is made of 15mm solid birch plywood keeping the subwoofer from harm or damage and the handles have been placed logically to not make the setting up process too strenuous. While the weight of the speaker is 55.9kg there are wheels on the bottom of it, making it able to be rolled with ease from place to place. This can be very useful for DJs that don’t have the luxury of having much assistance to set up their sets.

What We Like

  • Plug in Play Connectivity: – The Plug-in-play capabilities of this speaker really make the XPRS 215S stand out. No longer needing to worry about countless cables and wires and knowing you are always able to get the best professional audio anywhere you take this speaker is very comforting. Not only does it include the easy to use Plug in Play features, but also includes flexible connectivity with the subwoofer. This includes two XLR/TRS combination sockets, which allows you to plug in multiple devices simultaneously.

  • Side facing Pioneer XPRS215S
  • Protection of Speaker and Guaranteed Warranty – XPRS series subwoofers has some great advanced protection and fail-safes included. They are able to protect the amp, power supply and drivers. This gives me comfort in knowing the speaker will produce great sound without needing to worry about them failing. This includes Amplifier protection and will cut off the speaker if it gets too hot. The speaker will shut down if the input or output voltage gets too high. Even the AC mains will protect against power surges.

  • Powersoft Class D Amps – The amplifier will produce a maximum of 2400 watts at peak performance or 1200 watts through the continuous output. The XPRS215S includes a PFC (Power Factor Correction) to help reduce the power consumption and can give DJs more piece of mind that the amps aren’t using too much power as the amps are quite energy efficient.

Pros +
  • Twice the Bass power, creating desirable low powerful frequencies
  • Above and beyond protection from the speaker getting damaged by things out of your control and in the event they are damaged a brand new one is guaranteed for 7 years
  • 4 handles and 4 wheels making this speaker easy to transport from venue to venue
  • Ability to instantly switch between frequencies to cater to any sort of event or room size
Cons –
  • This speaker weighs quite a lot at 55.9kg and can be trouble for some lifting it up and down without the help of other people
  • This speaker is quite expensive and isn’t affordable for all DJs

Who Is This Speaker Best Suited To

Side facing Pioneer XPRS215S

This product can be catered to a wide audience. Its powerful low frequency bass makes it desirable to any DJ or someone looking to take their sound to the next level. The top DJs in the world can make great use of the speaker and also someone looking to cater and impress smaller venues with the amazing sound this speaker can offer them. Everyone in between would benefit greatly from this speaker as well!

DJs across the world can really benefit from the XPRS215S speakers with the ability to switch the polarity between positive and negative. It is very likely a lot of DJ setups might include more than 1 subwoofer and avoiding that sound cancelling effect is a must have.

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What Customers Are Saying

Other customers really like this speaker too. One customer really enjoys the Pioneer XPRS 215S because of the superior performance of having 2 15-inch LF drivers instead of just one 15 or 18 inched packed into a singular sub space. This is the highest and most powerful speaker you can theoretically get for the price.

Another happy customer really enjoys the fact that he never has to worry about plugging the speaker into the wrong type of electricity, no matter what country or what sort of generator is available. Knowing the speaker is going to be able to accept and function optimally on any sort of voltage is really great!

The Bottom Line

If you appreciate a high-quality bass that will constantly deliver strong low frequencies, this is the speaker that you should want. The easy Plug in Play feature really keeps things simple when on the road and having to constantly set up and take it down and not worry about having any wires get in the way.

The flexible power inputs you are able to plug into this speaker adds to its versatile and easy to transport design, making it a dream for DJs moving around from venue to venue.

The amount of speaker protection from overheating and power surges is a fantastic feature and something almost every DJ will worry about at some point. But most of all, the 7-year guaranteed warranty really adds confidence in the product that nothing is going to go wrong with it, even after heavy use!