Pioneer BULIT6 – Our Review

front facing Pioneer BULIT6
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Our Thoughts On The Pioneer BULIT6

In this review of the Pioneer BULIT6 we are going to covering 5 important areas which include key features, what we like, pros and cons, who is this product best suited to and what customers who have bought the speaker are saying about it.

Ready? Let’s get started with this speakers key specfications:

Speaker Size: 6″ – Watts RMS: N/A – Watts Peak: 125 –Dimensions 12.9″ x 14.8″ x 17.8″ – Weight: 10 lbs

Key Features

  • Great Translation – The sound quality delivered by this monitor is what you would expect of a speaker in a higher price range. There was little discrepancy between what a track sounds like through headphones and how the track is represented by the Pioneer BULIT6. The quality of the bass frequencies was particularly pleasing; rich and powerful.
  • Back facing Pioneer BULIT6
  • Quality Components – Each piece of hardware in this system is well manufactured but more than that they have paid close attention to design detail so that the monitor gives you the best sound. With a convex diffuser for the tweeter and grove technology at the mouth port for smoother bass, it’s clear why this system stands head and shoulders above competitors in this price range.

  • Easy to Use – On the back panel, you will find an auto standby switch that when turned on will ensure your speaker goes into standby mode when there is no input through the cable, then switch on again as soon as you start playing audio. This saves the effort of continually remembering to reach around for an on/off switch.

    There are three different inputs on the back so regardless of what your equipment setup is, you will be able to connect to the monitor.

  • Quick Setup – This is an active monitor, which means you won’t have to go out and get an amplifier as it comes standard. With a passive system requiring the customer to buy their own amplifier, you run the risk of purchasing an amp that doesn’t couple well with the monitor. Having a complete system like this, with high-end hardware makes for easy setup without compromising on sound quality.

What We Like

    Side facing Pioneer BULIT6

    We really enjoy this product. Having a chance to try out the 5”, 6” and 8” in the series, we found the 6” to be our Goldilocks with the balance of size and power. The tweeter is the same size as the 8” and matches well with the 6” woofer. Upping the volume didn’t noticeably affect the quality of the sound, and we were still able to fill the large office space.

    The imaging is stellar, ensuring that no matter where we were in the big space, we could still hear all the frequencies clearly and in balance. We also found that the EQ balance was accurate enough for us to adapt the output to different rooms in the building.

    This monitor is also great looking. We are fairly divided when it comes to visual taste, but all agree that the design has clean lines and the attention Pioneer paid to the details is noticeable. The color of the diffuser is also more appealing in person.

Pros +
  • This active reference monitor over-delivers when it comes to clear sound. The tone color is what you could expect a pricier reference monitor to produce. It also gives music producers and DJs an accurate idea of how their tracks will translate to a larger, club-size audio system.
  • Setup of the system is quick and easy, and it works with any equipment you may have.
  • The manual equalizer allows you to adjust the output to suit your music style, auditory preferences, and acoustics.
  • The standby switch saves you the effort of continually reaching for the back panel to switch your monitor on and off.
Cons –
  • It can be difficult to create a true stereo sound with this speaker, though this can be remedied by hooking up a twin speaker.

Who Is This Speaker Best Suited To

If you are mixing your own tunes, this monitor would be a great choice for you. Pioneer designed this system with music producers and DJs in mind. This monitor delivers professional sound, thanks to its quality components and thoughtful design.

High and low frequencies have a clear representation, and the EQ control enables adaptation to any acoustics and genre of music. Also, with the various connections available, it will suit whatever kind of DJ or recording setup you have.

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What Customers Are Saying

Without fail, every customer has commented on the quality of the sound produced by the Pioneer DJ Bulit6. They love the clarity and smoothness of both high and low frequencies. They also appreciated the EQ and volume controls, as these allow you to adjust the sound to the exact levels that suit you.

The consensus seems to be that, although the woofer is a 6”, you still get great quality sound from a system that is very reasonably priced. Some people recommend buying two of these to use concurrently, to get a slightly fuller surround sound effect and greater volume.

The Bottom Line

Music makers will love this product for its rich sound production, and for the fact that they don’t have to break the budget. Whether you are playing for a small crowd, creating a home theatre, or simply need a monitor that will accurately project your audio, the Pioneer DJ Bulit6 has you covered.

The bi-amplification, 1” soft dome tweeter set in a diffuser, 6” woofer and design details such as the groove technology all work together to give clear, full sound to both high and low frequencies in your tunes.

This product suits beginners in the world of music equipment because of its ease of use, as well as seasoned music producers who have high standards regarding sound quality.

In a nutshell, you won’t regret buying this speaker.