Normal headphones vs DJ headphones

If you look at it, all headphones are alike. They are all used to allow us to enjoy listening to our audio files exclusively. They are built to make us listen to music in public without causing any disturbance.

While some people might argue that DJ headphones are not different from normal headphones, all they do is make you hear sounds. Remember that DJ headphones are built for a specific purpose and that is to help the DJ in their jobs.

A lot of companies have invested in improving their headphones to cater to the specific needs of a DJ. There is a huge difference between your normal headphones in comparison to DJ headphones and that is their performance and the quality of sound they make. First of all, the quality of music a DJ headphones produce is way better compared to regular headphones. DJ headphones have clearer and louder sound quality. This is because a DJ needs strong noise isolation in order to hear the beat of one track over the beat of the currently playing music. They need to hear their cues and to monitor the beats to have a smoother mix. It is also louder and higher on sensitivity drivers. DJ headphones also make the frequency response flatter or reduce music distortion to give the DJ clarity when listening to his tracks.

There are also complaints that DJ headphones are uncomfortable to use because of its closed-ear cups but this issue has already been solved. The manufacturers have used specialized cushions, leatherettes and paddings to give the DJ’s ears comfort instead of suffocating them. Remember that DJ gigs can last for hours, so the number one priority for the DJ is their comfort. DJ headphones are more durable than regular headphones. They can withstand blasting volumes of music without you hearing the static while the regular headphones will immediately break if pushed to the limits. They are also built to withstand the hard life of DJs when they are raving or jamming to the beat. They might fall or get stepped on or get wet, but a good pair of DJ headphones can endure such a beating. They are more physically durable compared to the normal headphones. Once your normal headphones get wet or stepped on, then it is over for them.

The design of DJ headphones is also worth mentioning. We can also all agree that DJ headphones are more stylish when compared to the regular ones. Although they may look bulky, it adds points to your outfit. The swiveling of the ear cups around in different directions is also a signature design of a DJ headphones. The purpose of this is that it allows the DJ to monitor single-sided. It lets them hear the sound directly through one headphone while listening to the output in the crowd.

As we explained to you, there is a huge difference between the regular and the DJ headphones. The DJ headphones are built specifically for a DJ. So if you are not a DJ then don’t spend money buying DJ headphones. Only a DJ can appreciate the beauty of their headphones. It is their best companion on their road to living a DJ lifestyle.

Ben Ownes
Ben is our content manager and is perfect for his role due to his vast experience in testing, setting up and using DJ equipment. His love for DJing started at just 14 when he got his first amateur set up in his parent's basement. Since then Ben has perfected his craft which has allowed him to get regular spots in local nightclubs. When he isn't playing or mixing he is writing reviews and guides for our site.


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