Mackie Thump12A – Our Review

front facing mackie thump12a
Sound Quality
9.4/10 94%
Design & Build
9.3/10 93%
Value For Money
10/10 100%
Overall Rating
9.5/10 95%

Our Thoughts On The Mackie Thump12A

In this review of the Mackie Thump12A we are going to covering 5 important areas which include key features, what we like, pros and cons, who is this product best suited to and what customers who have bought the speaker are saying about it.

Ready? Let’s get started with this speakers key specifications:

Speaker Size: 12″ – Watts RMS: 0 – Watts Peak: 1300 –Dimensions 14″ x 14.1″ x 24.2″ – Weight: 35.5 lbs

Key Features

The ability to provide 1300 watts of system power and offer great bass response that promises to deliver great lows no matter the volume is hard to find. However, the mackie thump12a offers all of that and so much more.

back facing mackie thump12a
    • Versatility – It is no secret that the Thump12A speaker model offers many great features including a 2-channel mixer that accepts the use of a mic, line, and instrument signals, a one-click button that eliminates feedback, and advanced technology that makes sound clarity better than ever before.


    • Great Response – There are a variety of Mackie Thump speakers in the line-up, all of which offer a new and improved amplified design that includes a dynamic bass response. It is this bass response that creates a chest-thumping experience for the audience on the low end.


  • Unique Technology – Let’s face it. There are many DJ speakers on the market that you can choose from. So, why choose the Mackie Thump12A model from an outstanding series of speakers? Simply put, this speaker offers a built-in 2 channel mixer, Vita preamps, and Wide-Z technology that can be used with a mic, instrument, and line signal without missing a beat. For the price, this powered PA speaker is packed with many unique technological features.

What We Like

down facing mackie thump12a
    • Lightweight Components – We love the lightweight components and the handles that make this speaker system portable and easy to maneuver when transporting from gig to gig.


    • Affordable – The ability to invest in a high quality speaker system without breaking the bank is quite rare and is something that should be acted upon promptly before it sells out!


    • Built-in Mixers – The Mackie Thump12A model includes 2 built-in channel mixers that offer corresponding Vita preamps. What makes these preamps a cut above the rest is that it is compatible with a handle mic, line, and instrument signals without fault. If you are a musician or a DJ that only needs one or two inputs, you can plug right into the speaker without having to fuss with an additional mixer.


Pros +
  • Built-in mixers
  • High performance amplifiers
  • Lightweight and offers easy to carry handles
  • Great bass response
Cons –
  • Not eligible for international shipping

Who Is This Speaker Best Suited To

side facing mackie thump12a

This speaker is best suited for someone who is looking for an affordable speaker that includes 2 channel mixers. You can use this speaker with any instrument or as a standalone DJ speaker. It is not ideal for someone who is searching for bluetooth technology as it does not offer such a feature.

Another great audience that will appreciate this speaker are those DJs looking for an easy to use speaker that can be hooked up to an RCA or XLR adapter without a struggle.

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What Customers Are Saying

Customers find the aesthetics, performance, and value to be superior for the price. Many customers find that these powered speakers exceed their expectations and are great to use in a small or large venue. Whether you have 200 or 300 fans in the audience or you are using the speaker for a small gathering at your home, you can expect the same high-quality sound regardless of the venue.

The Bottom Line

Mackie is a brand that is well known for manufacturing superior sound audio equipment that is affordable, professional, and consistently delivers amazing, clear sounds to a variety of audiences. The internal and external components are durable and made with high-quality materials so you can count on using this speaker for an extended period of time.

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