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front facing mackie reach
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Our Thoughts On The Mackie Reach

In this review of the Mackie Reach we are going to covering 5 important areas which include key features, what we like, pros and cons, who is this product best suited to and what customers who have bought the speaker are saying about it.

Ready? Let’s get started with this speakers key specfications:

Speaker Size: 15″ – Watts RMS: 0 – Watts Peak: 720 –Dimensions 12.2″ x 13.6″ x 33.4″ – Weight: 30.8 lbs

Key Features

    Considered the ultimate in all-in-one professional PA systems, the mackie reach offers clear sound for your audience.

    back facing mackie reach
  • Wide Coverage – The Mackie Reach Portable PA system offers 720-watts and a wide range of coverage. This feature is particularly important if you are a DJ or a musician who performs in front of a crowd that varies in size. In other words, if you are playing in a large venue, this speaker will be reliable and can keep up with the frequency range.

  • Personal Monitoring – The built-in stage monitoring feature ensures that you have a great performance each and every time you are on stage. The built-in 6 channel digital mixer includes wireless streaming and controls capability via the highly-acclaimed Mackie Connect app. This app helps you have the best possible sound no matter where you are playing.

  • Great Technology – A great perk to this system is that there is an abundance of technology that makes the sound impeccable. The Mackie Earshot technology that is included in this system makes monitoring easy and seamless whether you are performing on stage or in the back of the venue. With the ability to stream wirelessly and control the system from your phone, this system is well worth the money spent.

What We Like

side facing mackie reach
  • Wireless Capability – The wireless capabilities that are included in the Mackie Reach are ideal and very convenient. In addition to wireless streaming, the Mackie Connect app allows you to control the speaker from your smartphone, tablet, or other device. The ability to control your speaker from your smartphone through an app is a great perk and you will wonder how you performed without it for so long.

  • Superior Mixing – We love the ease of functionality and the ability to control the system wirelessly from a smartphone or other device but another highlight of the Reach speaker is the superior mixing ability. The integrated 6 channel mixer is easy to manage over the Mackie Connect app from your smartphone or tablet which makes this speaker more than your standard piece of equipment.

  • Professional Tools – Another great perk to investing in the Mackie Reach are the professional sound tools that are also included. These tools include but are not limited to FX, EQ, and the elimination of feedback.

Pros +
  • 150 degrees of horizontal coverage
  • Includes an integrated 6 channel digital mixer
  • Includes tools such as FX, EQ, and feedback elimination
  • Wireless streaming and controls
Cons –
  • Higher price point than expected
  • Very popular item that is prone to selling out
  • Not eligible for international shipping

Who Is This Speaker Best Suited To

side facing mackie reach

Professional musicians are often wowed by this speaker, so if you are a novice or a beginner DJ, you will not be disappointed with the power and sound quality that you will receive from this item.

Others who will benefit from this speaker include but are not limited to professional guitarists, vocalists, sound engineers, producers, and soloists. No matter what your skill level is or how long you have been performing, this speaker is great for someone who has the ability to use a smartphone or tablet to help monitor the sound emitted from the speakers.

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What Customers Are Saying

Customers advise that this speaker is powerful on its own and does not need to be combined with a subwoofer as that may be overkill. Customers find that the best way to describe the Mackie Reach portable PA is an amplifier and set of speakers all in one compact package.

The Bottom Line

The Mackie Reach is a serious, all-in-one, high-quality PA system that is technologically advanced. To reap the benefits of this great speaker to the fullest, it is important to own a smartphone or tablet so that you can use the Mackie Connect app. Doing so will provide you the ability to adjust and control the sound that is produced by the speaker and your audience will rave about your performance for days after your show.