JBL VRX932LAP – Our Review

side facing jbl vrx932lap
Sound Quality
10/10 100%
Design & Build
10/10 100%
Value For Money
8.5/10 85%
Overall Rating
9.2/10 92%

Our Thoughts On The JBL VRX932LAP

In this review of the JBL VRX932LAP we are going to covering 5 important areas which include key features, what we like, pros and cons, who is this product best suited to and what customers who have bought the speaker are saying about it.

Ready? Let’s get started with this speakers key specifications:

Speaker Size: 12″ – Watts RMS: N/A – Watts Peak: 1750 –Dimensions 22″ x 18″ x 26″ – Weight: 62.9 lbs

Key Features

Crown Technology – The JBL VRX932LAP features a built-in DrivePack DPC-2 amplifier that is the result of JBL and Crown’s combined efforts. The DrivePack DPC-2 amplifier delivers 1,750W of peak power, and the DSP-based resident input module gives you system optimization and EQ functionality.

As you might expect, 1,750W is enough power delivery for a wide range of applications. According to Crown, you need at least 1,500W for rock music playback in a medium-size auditorium with 150 – 200 seats.

back facing jbl vrx932lap

JBL Differential Drive – JBL’s neodymium magnet Differential Drive woofer solves a common problem that many touring sound companies have: forgoing easy handling, setup, and transportation for the sake of high performance. Differential Drive technology offers sufficient heat dissipation and dynamic range. This technology also improves all the driver’s performance parameters like frequency response and power output, all while reducing the driver weight.

Array Coherence – The constant curvature waveguide and array coherence are key features of the VRX932LAP. The coverage pattern per speaker is 100 degrees horizontally and 15 degrees vertically. If you add another powered DJ speaker to the stack, your vertical coverage will be 30 degrees. If you add a third, you will get 45 degrees, and so forth.

Compression Driver Design – The VRX932LAP has three 2408J Annular Ring Diaphragm HF drivers. The drivers feature the latest JBL technology and produce a crisp and clean sound.

Easy Configuration – Another benefit for touring sound professionals is the simplified rigging. Setting up and taking down the VRX932LAP is made easy by the integral rigging hardware and hinged bars that secure units to each other. Connecting loudspeakers to each other is easy as well, and you can loop the power and audio cables from one amp to the other.

What We Like

User Friendliness – The VRX932LAP is a well-rounded DJ speaker system that is perfect for medium-sized gigs. The unit’s simplified rigging makes it ideal for sound companies that deliver high-quality sound reinforcement despite time and cost restrictions.

The dual angle pole mount, quick release pins, and hinge bars ensure that using your units in a line array is not only quick and easy, but also safe and secure.

Amplitude Shading – Another thing that we like about the VRX932LAP is the amplitude shading. By using the Array Shading Configurator selector, you can fine-tune your array to perfection by boosting or cutting each high-frequency section.

For example, if you are providing sound support to a large audience, you can boost the upper units in the array to project high-frequencies to the back of the auditorium while cutting the lower units in the back of the array for lower levels to the front of the venue.

Dual Bridge Technology – The VRX932LAP also features DBT (Dual Bridge Technology). DBT refers to the direct link between the discrete amplifier channel outputs and every voice-coil in the Differential Drive Woofer. With this technology, the power transfer between the amp and speaker is optimized and efficient, so the speakers perform optimally.

Constant Curvature – The feature we like most is the constant curvature array. The VRX waveguide mounts three compression drivers in a continuous arc. Since the compression drivers then work in unison as one driver on a long waveguide, you get enhanced coherence, direct sound projecting, and optimal sound quality.

Pros +
  • Constant curvature array allows three compression drivers to work together as one driver
  • Wide, 100-degree horizontal coverage
  • Speaker delivers high-quality sound suitable for a wide range of applications
  • High-end DrivePack DPC-2 amplifier has a 1,750W peak power output
Cons –
  • Relatively high price tag
  • Vertical coverage of only 15 degrees may not be sufficient

Who Is This Speaker Best Suited To

The VRX932LAP is a suitable option for entertainers and A/V professionals that are serious about sound quality. Since this DJ speaker system is powered and offers an easy configuration and setup, a touring sound company doesn’t have to worry about transporting amps and speakers separately, wasting time during the setup phase.

Because one unit has a power output of 1,750W, a set of two speaker systems is more than sufficient for casual entertainers, wedding DJs, and musicians. The JBL Differential Drive ensures that one speaker system weighs 52 lbs, which is light enough for one person to handle.

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What Customers Are Saying

Great Sound – The VRX932LAP delivers great sound quality, even at high volumes. Many customers are vocal about the VRX performance at events where clear sound delivery is critical to inject energy into the crowd or create a pleasant mood. This might come in handy at a wedding, for example.

Matched Amplifier – Laypeople that bought the VRX932LAP didn’t have the trouble of finding a suitable amplifier to pair with the loudspeaker. The amp is already matched to the speakers and factory tested.

Easy Configuration – Another benefit that customers like is the ease of connection between units. They like not having to lay power and audio cables for each unit in the array from the power outlets and mixing desk.

Price Tag – One drawback of the VRX932LAP is its high price tag. In comparison with other bestsellers from JBL, the VRX932LAP is quite expensive. It even costs more than the SBL SRX815P, which is a 2,000W, 15” powered speaker.

Speaker Coverage – Almost all customers found the 100-degree horizontal coverage to be wide enough. The 15-degree vertical coverage, however, is not enough for auditoriums with multiple levels.

The Bottom Line

Although the JBL VRX932LAP is an expensive speaker on the more premium level of the market, it is with good reason as it is an all-round quality speaker with high-quality sound perfect for all types of musicians.


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