JBL EON615 – Our Review

side facing jbl eon615
Sound Quality
9.4/10 94%
Design & Build
9.1/10 91%
Value For Money
9.3/10 93%
Overall Rating
9.2/10 92%

Our Thoughts On The JBL EON615

In this review of the JBL EON615 we are going to be covering 5 important areas which include key features, what we like, pros and cons, who is this product best suited to and what customers who have bought the speaker are saying about it.

Ready? Let’s get started with this speakers key specifications:

Speaker Size: 15″ – Watts RMS: N/A – Watts Peak: 1000 –Dimensions 27.9″ x 16.9″ x 14.5″ – Weight: 39 lbs

Key Features

Technology never sounded so good. JBL has graced artists and music enthusiasts with exceptional products for the last 70 years. Part of that legacy includes the JBL EON615product line, which has been in existence for nearly 20 years.

While the EON500 speaker series was in a class of its own when it launched, today’s 600 series is a monster when it comes to quality and performance – the EON615 15” powered PA speaker only confirms that statement.

    • back facing jbl eon615

Ergonomics & Versatility – Like with any product, versatility typically tops the list of sought-after qualities. The enclosure design of the 15” PA speaker has a cleaner, more professional appeal with a smooth, all-black grille, along with four strategically placed handles and molded indented feet – perfect for storing as a secured stack.

The speaker is versatile to be place in different area, it has two monitoring angles, three M10 suspension points, and integrated hardware mounts for installations.

Enhanced Sound – Sound providers, musicians, artists, DJs, and audiophiles alike will admire the heightened acoustic resonance, resulting from the implementation of waveguide technology. Consistency in sound across an entire area is one of EON615’s most unique, mention-worthy features. The combination of JBL’s image control waveguide technology and pattern control aperture produce unmatched, best in-class sound transmission.

Remote Control – In today’s digital world, connectivity is a prized feature in many products. Speakers are no exception. As an added value for users, JBL has integrated Bluetooth capability.

Using an Android or iOS device, users can access the supported interface and control back panel utilities with a click of a button. The control panel includes the master volume, low and high frequencies, and the parametric EQs (frequency, gain, and cue).

There are a couple of bonus operations that stand out, users can copy and paste the saved presets to other speakers on the network. Additionally, up to four speakers can appear on the network at once.

What We Like

The EON615 15” PA speaker is truly a superior piece of audio equipment. The JBL engineers took the time to research and re-imagine the next generation EON series, and it paid off.

Change in Design –The craftsmanship that went into the overall enclosure design is nothing less than impressive. Made of rugged double-durable polypropylene, the enclosures were designed so that the speaker could be used frequently whether for concert tours, nightly DJ gigs, or weekly band practices and not wear easily. They can go from van or plane to venue with simplicity.

side facing jbl eon615

A more “grown-up” version of its smaller, round-shaped predecessor, the mechanical shaping of the EON600 speaker series allows for optimal sound quality. Not to mention the addition of a fourth, well-placed handle for ease of carrying, lifting, and set up. Let’s not forget the molded and indented feet, and straight lines and edges for safe storage. The JBL brand did not fall short of providing durability and portability.

Noteworthy Standouts –With a 15” woofer and a notable output of 1000-watt peak power, the EON615 PA speaker pushes a full spectrum, uniformed sound, regardless of whether it’s used during live applications or at a backyard gathering.

Complementary to the sound output, the speaker has:

  • an upgraded built-in 2-channel mixer
  • two combo XLR input levels with accompanying switchable operating levels (mic or line) for flexibility
  • two independent volume controls for each channel
  • a master volume control

Additionally, there is a multi-purpose XLR loop-thru, which allows the connection of additional equipment.

Last but not least, the convenience of Bluetooth wireless control takes this speaker over the edge in the usability department. There will always be instances when sound needs to be tweaked. Since the DJ speakers support both Android and iOS devices, users can make adjustments in stride without interfering with the show or disrupting performers.

Pros +
  • Purposeful, durable design
  • Sound superiority
  • Versatility
  • Affordable price point
Cons –
  • Bluetooth connectivity issues
  • Desire for more functionality through Bluetooth

Who Is This Speaker Best Suited To

One of the best advantages of the speakers is that anyone can use them. A DJ or small band can make great use of the speakers, just as a rock group or professional soloist can. By providing a professional-grade look, feel, and style, the EON600 speaker series includes products any audiophile will love and appreciate.

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What Customers Are Saying

Like many JBL products, the EON600 speaker series has received much fanfare. The notion of getting a “bang for your buck” has never been truer when it comes to the compact design, sound clarity, and wattage, all in the $400 price range. Also, the Bluetooth integration appeals to the masses. From sound check to fine-tuning mid-performance sound quality, consumers undeniably welcome and value the remote connectivity.

At the same time, many have stated their unhappiness with the Bluetooth functionality. Pairing failures and connection complications in addition to the desire for control beyond the parametric EQs, like audio streaming, taints the series for some.

The Bottom Line

The JBL brand speaks for itself. For the price, the EON600 speakers are work horses and well worth the purchase. The redesigned series was crafted with features that are of the upmost importance to users. While a few will complain, the deliverables outweigh them.

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