How to Start Your DJ YouTube Channel

How to Start Your DJ YouTube Channel
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How to Start Your DJ YouTube Channel

If you’re a budding DJ and aren’t yet up and running on YouTube, it’s about time you looked at your priorities.  YouTube has quickly outgrown its position as merely a video-sharing platform.  It’s a fantastic platform for DJs and musicians, too.  Thanks to the emergence of the YouTube Music platform, there are more opportunities for you to share your mixes and make some serious revenue than ever before.

But how do you stand a chance of appealing to a wider audience through YouTube?  What are some of the rules and basics you need to know?  In this quick guide, we’ll take a look at the essentials you’ll need to keep in mind before setting up your mixing channel.

Sort Your Look and Branding Out

YouTube might be a great platform for sharing audio, but as you know, visuals still matter.  Therefore, you’re going to need to create a professional image.  Do you know what sort of image you want to put across?  Do you already have consistent branding?  Great.

Make sure you set up your channel with clear banners and profile images.  Use video buffers at the starts and ends of your uploads which are consistent with these designs.  It’s worth remembering that online success as a DJ revolves around brand and image recognition just as much as it revolves around great content.

How to Start Your DJ YouTube Channel 

Fine-Tune Your Mixes

Before you even think about uploading any videos to your channel, you should make sure that your audio levels are perfect.  Make sure you use professional software and mixing to ensure that your tunes sound ideal for the medium.

This means doing a bit more polishing than you might normally take on.  However, if you’re going to appeal to a new audience, you’re going to need to show off your best work.  Stuffy audio or unbalanced levels are not going to pull off well.


Upload Regular, Quality Content

YouTube has streamlined the way you can upload content.  Therefore, you should have no excuses in when and how you upload videos.  You should make sure that your videos are of a good length – ideally at least five minutes long – and that you offer your viewers and listeners enough opportunity to engage with you. Dexxter Clark runs a growing music tuition channel on Youtube which we recommend you checking out:

Make sure to insert links to your social media and to encourage subscriptions and likes.  Give users the opportunity to download free music from SoundCloud, for example, or offer links to Spotify or Apple Music.

How to Start Your DJ YouTube Channel

Be Careful of Copyright

Copyright can be a killer as far as uploading mixes are concerned.  YouTube has never been hotter on filing copyright claims if content creators don’t want their material uploading for free.

Therefore, you need to make sure you upload mixes with samples and snippets you have rights to.  At the very least, the audio you upload – in any form – should have uploading rights cleared.  This might mean you need to give royalties to original creators.  It’s never wise to upload music with any kind of label protection attached.

Setting up a DJ YouTube channel can take time and effort.  However, it’s a great platform for mixers and engineers to get discovered.  Keep our tips in mind and see how you get on!


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