How to set up DJ speakers and what you’ll need

setting up DJ speakers
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Setting Up Your DJ Speakers

For DJs, revving the crowd and making them go wild to their funky beats and slick mix tracks is the best sight they could possibly wish for. It is the ultimate goal for any DJ. A DJ who is incapable of doing this feat is better off retiring and passing the baton to the more ambitious and driven DJ. However, while it is generally accepted that it is the DJs responsibility, speakers also play a major role in setting the mood on the dance floor.

Think about it, a party with a lame sound system that doesn’t give justice to the DJs set is, of course, the organizer’s fault or more specifically the audio team’s responsibility regardless of whether the DJ is part of it or not. In order to assure and fully pass the responsibility of hyping the crowd to the DJ, the sound system and other support equipment must be properly set-up. The DJ must be given a clean slate, a blank canvas with proper brushes and color shades in order to liven up the mood and create the color of the party.

With that being said, below is a brief and simple walk through on how DJ speakers must be set up in the party venue.

First of all, have a checklist of the items and equipment that you will need and verify them before the gig:

1. Speakers – check the quality of the speakers, the power supply, and the location of the plugs to the switch. Establish the positioning beforehand to achieve the best sound surround system possible.

2. Adapters – no harm in bringing an extra set of adapters in case you encounter incompatibility in the switches. XLR, RCA, Pin cables are the standard in this category.

3. Mixer or CDJs – Mixers and CDJs are basic for DJs unless you want to vocally perform and spit those beats from your set.

4. Mp3, Laptops – your music stash, be sure that the software and programs are compatible and are updated for the performance.

5. Amplifiers – More power; the louder it gets, the wilder the crowd will be.

6. Extension Wires – to properly manage the wires and power distribution, bringing extension wires that can help you organize and pinpoint the location of each plug and switches. After completing your checklist, it is now time to set-up the speakers and start the party!

Basically, after positioning the speakers to their strategic locations and putting your DJ equipment on the center stage, power them up, connect the laptop via USB to your Mixer or CDJ and then to the amplifier and finally to the speakers. It is also recommended that when utilizing the extension wires, label them so you can determine what goes where. This way you can properly manage in case delays or malfunctions start occurring in the party. Also, be sure that the cables are properly connected to their corresponding ports – red goes to red, and gray goes to gray. A quick double check will definitely make you feel safer. And once you’re set, start the sound check – adjust the volumes, optimize the settings and 1,2,3 everybody scream!

Some speakers are much easier than others to set up like the Alto Professional iPA Music System which is basically a portable karaoke speaker that you can use from your iPad. 

Now that you know how to do a correct set up you will need to buy the best DJ speakers.

Luckily for you we have reviewed the hottest products on the market. Check out our reviews of the best DJ speakers before you part with your hard earned cash.

Please check out this other guide on how speakers work to understand the in’s and out’s on what makes a speaker the ultimate DJ tool. 

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