With the rise of EDM or Electronic Dance Music in the music industry, a lot of DJs have been able to showcase their musical prowess and share it with the world. In the past, they were only limited to disco bars and the occasional dance parties, but today, they have grown to become a major force in the mainstream music industry and have garnered massive audience from this generation’s younglings, also known as millennials.

With that being said, it is no surprise that a lot of aspiring DJs have shown up with their different mixed tapes and beats, trying to win attention and possibly become the next David Guetta, Daft Punk, The Chainsmokers, or Skrillex. While it may seem to be a long stretch, if you are an aspiring DJ or at least is interested in becoming one, then you are probably going to start by playing with your own DJ controller first.

A DJ controller will be your most trusted companion on your musical journey. It will be your guitar, drums, keyboards and microphone when sharing your music with your audience. With this write-up, you will be able to take that first step into becoming the next EDM top DJ. First stop is to learn how to setup your DJ controller properly.

In order to setup your controller, you will need to have the following;

• DJ controller – your main equipment. There are a lot of DJ controllers available on the market so be sure to choose the one you are most comfortable with and confident in using.

• Laptop – you will need to have a laptop to synchronize with your DJ controller. The connection between both devices will be responsible for the magic – mixing tracks, beats, sound effects, and other things.

• DJ software – choose a simple and self-explanatory software if you are a beginner so you can learn the ropes quickly. If you don’t have any idea, then you don’t have to worry that much as most DJ controllers come with a free compatible DJ software.

• USB connectors and RCA cables– dealing with electronic gadgets, like laptops, portable mp3 players, iPod, headphones, speakers will require these cables. Having a few spare cables will also be handy in case a situation arises where you need more than one.

• Speakers and Headsets – These are basically for audio. Take note that this is a very important part is it will be the one responsible for your output. Choose high-quality speakers that will give desired results, sound check statics, base, and volume control. You also need to pay attention to the headset that you will be using as it will help you listen to your mixes properly.

Once you are all set, then you can start the setup of your DJ controller.

• First thing is to manage the wires, as they can be very messy and confusing if you get them jumbled. Plug-in the headset and audio connectors to their respective ports. Then, start connecting the laptop and mp3 players or iPhone if you have one.

• The next one is to connect the speakers to your DJ controller. Be sure that you get the connection right, mostly, it is just color matching, so unless you are a colorblind, then you won’t have any problems.

• Once all the connections are done and checked, you can now start turning the DJ controller and the laptop ON.

• Run that DJ software on the laptop and play some songs. Check the volume levels for the speakers and headsets on your DJ controller. Test the different knobs, buttons, and cd plates. Check to make sure that everything is running OK.

• Fire up that speaker and get the party started!

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