Ethics Policy

As independent review providers, we have an ethics code and policy in place to ensure you, our readers and users, always get fantastic value from our guides.  We never accept remuneration for any of our content, which means you can rely on our word being just that – our word. All our coverage is based on experience and opinion, nothing more and nothing less.

What We Do

We want to make sure that the content you read here is genuinely valuable.  Therefore, you’ll never find coverage that is over-sensational, needlessly verbose, or misleading – intentionally or otherwise.  In the sound industry, facts and straight talking are always valued. We want to make sure that you are able to make educated choices based on the straight facts we support you with.  Our journalism is based on truth, never in sensation. You can look elsewhere for flashy headlines and click bait.

Independence and Resolve

We produce content with integrity.  Therefore, we also make sure to offer a guide which is completely independent of any outside collusion or influence.  As mentioned, we are never paid to shill a product or to give a positive or scathing review. The opinions we offer here are our own, and always will be.

Our team makes sure to physically test each piece of equipment we review and cover in our content.  Our writers are directly employed by an editorial team, who has the final say on the content which is published, and how staff are to be remunerated.  We are conscious of conflicts of interest, too. Therefore, if there are any reasons why we feel writers cannot fairly commit to valuable and insightful work which is completely original, further action will be taken.  Any writers or staff members who fail to uphold our ethics and integrity policies will be disciplined and/or removed from duty as required.

We endeavour to produce pieces which are completely factual, while still based in opinion.  Every effort will be taken to ensure the data and facts we provided are 100% accurate. However, in the event of a rare inaccuracy, we will make an immediate retraction and will publicly state that this has taken place. What’s more, we ensure that our content is 100% original.  We have a zero tolerance policy on plagiarism, and will, therefore, take immediate, reasonable action to remedy such concerns if they arise.

We also retain the right to seek external help and advice if we feel a violation of our ethics policy has occurred which we cannot address ourselves.  In most cases, however, we will seek to redress them in-house.


We reserve the right to review all comments made on posts hosted on our site.  While you are free to comment completely anonymously, we will endeavour to modify or silence comments outright which are hateful, misleading or inflammatory – which includes ‘flaming’ or attacks against other users.  We also have a zero tolerance policy on spam, meaning that it will be deleted on sight.

We support freedom of speech; however, we want to make sure that our site remains a safe space for our readers to share ideas and to discuss wider topics.  However, in the event that such debate devolves, we will remove commenters who feel the need to continue breaching such guidelines. We are keen to encourage debate; however, your IP will be blocked if you continue to flout these rules.


Our site makes money from advertising on a referral basis.  Therefore, any products you choose to buy from external links you click through our site will generate a small income for our team.  These stores and partners, however, operate completely separate to our site and should be treated as external bodies.

Do, however, rest assured that we will never outright ‘prefer’ affiliate products over others.  As part of our continued dedication to honest journalism, we will never ‘play favourites’. We are never approached by advertisers directly to shill products.  There are no incentives in play here. However, our advertising team will choose to work with referral schemes to generate small revenue streams for the site. Rest assured, too, we will always mark advertisements clearly and concisely.

Sample Policy

Our ethics code will also apply to the samples and advance copies of hardware we receive from companies.  In the vast majority of cases, we will pay for the hardware we review outright. However, in some cases, we will receive products ahead of time as early releases.  Once again, we are never swayed by incentives, and always return items once we have fairly tested and reviewed them – in some cases, we are offered items to keep, in which case, we will give them away as part of reader competitions.  No members of our team are allowed, under any circumstances, to keep gifts or advance samples or products for themselves.

Competitions and Giveaways

On occasion, we will forge partnerships with companies to provide giveaways and competition prizes to our readers.  We never receive any financial remuneration to do so. You should always read the full terms and conditions of our prize giveaways before you enter, and especially if you are concerned about fairness.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, this ethics policy exists to assure you, our readers, that we will always provide a professional, unbiased service to you.  We are not a sponsored or endorsed service, nor are we obligated to avoid giving our true opinions on the pieces we review and cover. We will present facts to you which are thoroughly researched and corroborated before they reach you. What’s more, our team will meticulously test and review products for you so that you can be given a sound opinion on what to expect.

Our aim is to bridge that gap between you seeing a product and making a purchase.  Our goal is to make sure you aren’t disappointed by any of the audio purchases you make.  With our experience and expertise, we will continue to provide you with trustworthy, engaging content you can use to help influence your complete buying experience.

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