Do DJ’s Still Use Turntables?

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Are Turntables Still In Use?

If you are a fan of turntables and are wondering why less DJs are playing with their vinyl tracks on their turntables, then you will probably want to know the reasons why they are slowly fading away or should I say, branching out to their own underground community.

Turntables Are Still Used By Many DJs

In the past, every aspiring DJ has to learn the ropes and basics from a vinyl turntable. A DJ at that time must own a set of vinyl track plates that will mount on the turntable in order to play and mix the tracks. Unfortunately, with the breakthrough in the technology of musical instruments and equipment, digital turntables have emerged and slowly replaced the traditional vinyl turntables on the scene. Party venues started to ditch the complicated and high-maintenance vinyl turntable setup for the much more portable, low-cost and low maintenance digital turntables. And with the rise of digital turntables comes convenience and simple mechanics which is why lots of people started to take interest and learned how to mix songs and rev up a party using the digital turntable.

However, despite the convenience brought about by the technological advancements in the DJ turntables, there are still those DJs who chose to stick with the vinyl turntables. It might be because of the originality, the passion for true vinyl scratching, the rejection for change, bragging rights, or the sense of responsibility that they need to keep technique and pass it down to the younger generations. Whatever their reason is, if you want to make a judgement for yourself, below is a brief Pro’s and Con’s list of the traditional Vinyl turntable.


  • Feeling of originality and mastery –  the feeling of scratching a vinyl record is like no other, it produces the natural “electronic” sound that will surely entrench the DJs feeling to the crowd.

  • Progressive – with vinyl turntables, DJs can constantly improve and fine-tune their sets.

  • Style – the swag that vinyl DJs have is definitely different than the others as they are a cut above the rest

  • Vinyl Record styles – the styles and art from the albums they play adds to their fashion and makes the DJ cooler and stand out.


  • Expensive – vinyl turntables are very costly to set-up and maintain. You will need to have at least two turntables and a compatible mixer. And you also need to collect vinyl records for each song you want to play.

  • Time consuming – organizing your records before your set can really take a lot of time. The set-up is also longer compared to the portable and digital turntables.

  • Maintenance – caring and cleaning your album records and making sure they don’t have a scratch, which can, by the way, affect the sound of the track, can be a real pain.

  • Storage space and not portable – transportation of your records can be a hassle, not to mention the meticulous storage space you need to constantly care about.

  • New music is hard to find – the latest albums and singles might not release or delay the release of their vinyl records.

Now, with all of those things mentioned above, you might now be able to answer your question yourself? Do DJs still use turntables? Of course they do! That’s why we’ve created a list and reviewed The Best DJ Turntables out now.

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