The Best Halloween Parties and Club Nights in The World

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Halloween isn’t just fun and games for the kids.  It’s a worldwide phenomenon. Chances are you may have already been to a few Halloween parties in your time, and we don’t necessarily mean the kind where you get jelly and ice cream at the end.  Halloween is no more alive and kicking than on the global club scene, where it’s a brilliant excuse to cut loose and welcome in the autumn season. The heights of summer are behind us again for another year, but that’s no reason why you can’t suit up and head on down to your local scene for some club classics and Halloween soundscapes.

In fact, to get us in the party mood, we’ve taken a closer look at some of the biggest Halloween club nights and parties on the planet.  From continent to continent, boys and ghouls are getting ready for a night(mare) they won’t forget in a hurry. It’s time to drop the terrible Halloween puns – maybe – and to dive into some of the most spectacular parties and club experiences worldwide this October.

The Limoges Halloween Festival, France

More of a town-wide celebration than a specific club bash, France’s Limoges Halloween special opens with a huge parade full of grim-looking characters and centrepieces.  It’s a fantastic opening act to club nights and celebrations which reverberate across the area throughout the night. In fact, it makes for one of the most unique pub and club crawl experiences in France.  France might not be associated with the pub and club scene the way Britain is, but Halloween really brings out the beast in them. We’ll stop with the puns.

Day of The Dead: An Afterlife Love Story, London

We love a secret club event, and while we know when and where this big Halloween bash is taking place, the location is pretty much under wraps.  Ticket-buyers get access to a hidden Spitalfields party which actually takes place at the start of November this year. If you want the full experience, you can pay all-in for a pre-party dinner, before heading into the club zone for live music and Halloween playlists.  This one kind of slides into the Halloween theme, though it’s more based around the famous Mexican ritual, Day of The Dead, which it’s named after. Expect guests wearing colourful skulls and traditional Mexican costume to liven up November. It takes place on November 2nd this year.

The BangOn! Warehouse of Horrors, New York, US

If you’ve never been to a BangOn! party before, you’re really missing out.  The Warehouse of Horrors is a really creative Halloween celebration, in the sense that you’ll get welcomed into a haunted house before thrown into a spectacular live event.  It’s filled with acrobatics, DJ sets and more. Like the Afterlife Love Story event, this occasion’s location is a complete mystery until you attend. You simply need to buy your ticket and hope for the best!  Make yourself available in NYC this Halloween and experience one of the biggest, boldest Halloween celebrations on the planet.

The Salem Witches’ Ball, Massachusetts, US

Let’s stick around in the US for a little while longer for a bash that’s a little more toil and trouble.  That’s a good thing, mind, as Salem, Massachusetts is of course the location of the infamous Witch Trials dating back centuries.  What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a full party and masquerade? Unlike some of the other parties on this list, this event is actually pretty formal.  Sadly, you can’t expect to show up dressed as Shrek with a clutch of glow sticks in your mitts. You can, however, dress carefully for what has become known as the Dance of the Tarot, which falls in line with the traditional séances and psychic fairs that open up here.  It’s a bewitching experience of a lifetime.

Crazy Sexy Cool Halloween, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Let’s get back to the club scene, and where better to head for our next big Halloween club night than Holland?  Home to many a superstar DJ, many of the big club bashes to come out of The Netherlands are truly legendary. One of the biggest nights on Rotterdam’s calendar is, of course, their Crazy Sexy Cool Halloween offering, which takes place down at the Zuiderpark.  This year, they’re transforming the location into a Halloween wonderland of horrors, and they’re playing host to big names such as The Partysquad, Dopebwoy and Yung Felix. Head across for October 26th to take on the fairground of frights.

The Drop Dead Festival, Berlin, Germany

Ok, don’t literally drop dead – head to Berlin instead and take in one of the loudest, proudest Halloween scenes on the continent.  Check in on Halloween itself for five whole days of spooky revelry, with local bars and clubs getting in on the theme. It’s a fantastic chance to dress up and head to some of the biggest clubs in Berlin for themed playlists and amazing events.  It’s also a great chance for Berlin’s best street artists to show off some of their more macabre creations. We’re all for it!

Jackies’ Halloween, Barcelona, Spain

Anyone who’s sampled Barcelona’s party scene will likely have heard of Jackies.  It’s one of the biggest names in the Spanish club arena, and this Halloween, they’re hosting Nick Höpner, the techno maestro, as their guest of honour.  You may well have seen him down at the Panorama Bar before now – but this Halloween, he’s unearthing some unique sounds down at Jackies, meaning it may well be worth making a beeline for a heated Halloween in the deepest Mediterranean. 

This is all just a taste of what’s out there.  Halloween is an event which is much-loved and widely celebrated all over the world.  Whether you choose to dress up or just to take on the vibrant club scene around this time of year, there are tons of options.  Why didn’t the skeleton go to the club? He had no body to go with!

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