Behringer Eurolive B215XL – Our Review

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Our Thoughts On The Behringer Eurolive B215XL

In this review of the Behringer Eurolive B215XL we are going to covering 5 important areas which include key features, what we like, pros and cons, who is this product best suited to and what customers who have bought the speaker are saying about it.

Ready? Let’s get started with this speakers key specfications:

Speaker Size: 15″ – Watts RMS: 250 – Watts Peak: 1000 –Dimensions 13.2″ x 17.3″ x 27.2″ – Weight: 38.8 lbs

Key Features

    Buying a new pair of speakers for your DJ setup takes time, patience, and attention to detail. Behringer is a brand that many DJs and entertainment professionals choose to invest in because of their superior reputation in the industry and the great sound experience that is consistently provided to crowds of all sizes. Some of the main key features that the Berhinger Eurolive B215XL include big sound, an affordable price tag, and high-quality transducers.

    Back facing Behringer Eurolive B215XL
  • Big Sound – For the affordable price point, you can enjoy a robust, clear, big sound from a lightweight and compact speaker. One of the highlights is that these speakers can handle up to 1000 watts of peak power while remaining lightweight, compact, and easy to use in a variety of ways.

  • High-Quality Transducers – Many brands skimp on internal components such as tweeters and woofers to save money, however, Behringer chooses to create their own internal components to ensure that you are receiving quality throughout. Each B215XL speaker includes custom built transducers made from scratch. The reason that this is beneficial is that it guarantees that Behringer has a handle on their quality control down to the most minute details.

  • Affordable – Surprisingly, the Eurolive B215XL speakers are affordable in comparison to the competition. The Behringer brand ensures that their equipment is made on a budget, with the focus on creating a high-quality product without inflating the price. They are able to do this because they do not spend a significant amount of money on mass marketing strategies. When you purchase a Behringer, you know that you are paying for components and technological research and not fluff.

What We Like

There is much to like about the Behringer EUROLIVE B215XL speakers but our favorite aspects include the ability to choose speaker color, the generous sound quality for the price point, and the versatility of use.

Side facing Behringer Eurolive B215XL
  • Sound Quality – It is hard to expect outstanding sound quality from an affordable piece of equipment over an extended period of time. The reason for this is that most of the time affordable equipment is built to perform for a short period of time but then will taper off or become distorted with wear and tear. The Behringer EUROLIVE B215XL speaker is built to last and includes components such as a state-of-the-art titanium-diaphragm compression driver and a large-format horn that provides a wide-dispersion. Finally, a powerful 15” long-excursion driver offers deep levels of bass and powerful acoustics.

  • Color Options – Most speakers come in a professional, black matte color with some variations in grille type, corner covers, carpeting to differentiate themselves from the competition. The Behringer EUROLIVE B215XL speaker is unique in that it comes in both white and black. In addition to being offered in more than one color, you can also purchase an extended swivel-mount to help the speaker blend into a venue’s decor.

  • Versatility – The Behringer EUROLIVE B215XL speaker is versatile and can be used in a variety of venues. Wedding receptions, senior prom in a gymnasium, concerts in a house of worship, and musical performances in a college theater are all possible with the Behringer EUROLIVE B215XL speaker system.

Pros +
  • Ideal for live and playback applications
  • 250 watts continuous and 1000 watts peak
  • Includes a large format horn
  • Offers a state-of-the-art 1.75” titanium-diaphragm compression driver
  • Compact and lightweight
Cons –
  • Will need to purchase an amplifier if you want to connect to an iPad or iPhone
  • Not eligible for international shipping

Who Is This Speaker Best Suited To

Often times it can be hard to find a solid, high-quality speaker system that will work in a variety of venues. The Behringer EUROLIVE B215XL model is conducive to being used by mobile DJs for indoor or outdoor weddings, for live musical entertainment, or to entertain at large house parties. These speakers would also work well in a house of worship, a large gymnasium, or even a nightclub for consistent gigs.

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What Customers Are Saying

Customers are raving about these affordable speakers as they exceed expectations when it comes to sound quality and performance. Consumers appreciate that these speakers are conducive to being used over a long period of time and that the enclosure is durable, rugged, and can withstand being moved from gig to gig without worry of damage.

While most consumers rave about these speakers, there are some that do not appreciate the lack of Bluetooth connectivity or the need to connect an amplifier if wanting to connect an iPhone or iPad for streaming purposes.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for an affordable speaker that will consistently impress you and your audience, the Behringer EUROLIVE B215XL speaker should be a serious consideration. The state-of-the-art components, consistent sound quality, and unprecedented reliability make these speakers a great buy for any DJ, musician, or entertainer.