Alto Professional TS115A – Our Review

front facing alto professional ts115a
Sound Quality
8.9/10 89%
Design & Build
10/10 100%
Value For Money
9.3/10 93%
Overall Rating
9/10 90%

Our Thoughts On The Alto Professional TS115A

In this review of the Alto TS115A we are going to be covering 5 important areas which include key features, what we like, pros and cons, who is this product best suited to and what customers who have bought the speaker are saying about it.

Ready? Let’s get started with this speakers key specifications:

Speaker Size: 15″ – Watts RMS: 400 – Watts Peak: 800 –Dimensions 20.8″ x 19.8″ x 28.2″ – Weight: 46.7 lbs

Key Features

    • Super Sound Quality – With 800 Watts of peak Class D power, this system can produce sound like you have never heard before! In addition, the Alto Professional TS115A model offers 400 Watts of continuous power. This 2-way bi-amplified speaker system also offers clarity and sound definition from a 15” LF driver and 1” Neodymium HF driver.

front facing alto professional ts115a

    • Built-in Mixer – The TS115A includes a built-in mixer offers versatility, a two mic/line combo input at the back of the speaker, and a built-in Contour EQ switch.


    • LED Dancing Lights – There are many noteworthy features on the TS115A but our favorites include the LED lights that dance in vibrant colors. There are 5 custom modes with 3 colors to choose from. The colors are red, blue, or green. Lights make a party all the more fun which is another reason this piece of equipment is a favorite amongst professionals in the industry.
    • Easy Setup – One of the reasons that the Alto Professional TS115A model is easy to set up as it can be mounted to a pole or a stand. Using a highly efficient Class D amplifier, this speaker provides very low self-noise, is lightweight and durable. Built for the DJ going from one gig to the next, this speaker includes carry handles with a lightweight case.

What We Like

front facing alto professional ts115a
    • Interactive Lights. – We love that this 2-way active speaker offers fun lights for an enhanced experience while providing a sound like no other unit can. We think that it is highly lucrative to be able to engage the crowd with lights and you can change them by mood. If your party is considered an active party, you can turn the system on to the pulse or party function.


    • Conducive for Large Venues – We also like that this unit works well with any active amplifier for large venues or outdoor amphitheaters. DJs who host wedding receptions on a regular basis report that the Alto TS115A offers the right amount of power and sound quality to provide all that is needed to get the party guests on the dance floor. All you need to do is add a great playlist and you will be all set!


    • Powerful – Finally, we appreciate that this speaker is powered, includes a mixer, and is easy to transport from one gig to the next with relatively little stress.


Pros +
  • 800 Watts of Class D power
  • Stand and pole mountable
  • Built in light show with 5
  • Custom color control in green, blue,
    and red
Cons –
  • Not eligible for international shipping
  • Cooling system may be lacking

Who Is This Speaker Best Suited To

front facing alto professional ts115a

The Alto TS115A speaker is best suited for new and professional DJs alike. Ideal for the DJ that often hosts weddings and other private events, this speaker offers a built-in mixer, LED lights that add a level of fun to any party, as well as outstanding, clear, and loud sound quality.

Some music enthusiasts who have a desire to own high quality speakers at home also find that investing in such a piece of equipment is well worth the money, with the Alto brand providing a level of professional sound that is worth the expense. Whether you are a professional DJ, aspiring musician, or have the desire to own a professional sound system at home, the Alto TS115A 2-way powered speaker is one to put on your wish list!

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What Customers Are Saying

Professional DJs who host weddings, parties, or hold a standing gig at a nightclub all find this speaker to be worth every penny. Offering substantial sound, this speaker is loaded with power. Another great perk is that this speaker can withstand hours of continuous use and is ready to fire up and produce superior sound quality on a daily basis.

While some DJs have mentioned that the only drawback to this speaker is the potential blowing of the subwoofer, the only way this will happen is if you overload the speaker and use equipment that does not coincide with the specifications of the Alto TS115A.

The Bottom Line

The Alto Professional TS115A speaker model is perfect for a professional DJ or someone who appreciates superior sound quality. Well worth the investment, this speaker offers LED lights for a fun time, a built-in mixer for versatility, and accurate sound coverage over an entire crowd. Designed in the USA, this speaker is easy to set up and is considered to be the best value for the price.

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