Alto Professional Trouper – Our Review

front facing alto trouper pa system
Sound Quality
9/10 90%
Design & Build
910 90%
Value For Money
9/10 90%
Overall Rating
9/10 90%

Our Thoughts On Alto Professional Trouper

In this review of the Alto Professional Trouper we are going to be covering 5 important areas which include key features, what we like, pros and cons, who is this product best suited to and what customers who have bought the speaker are saying about it.

Ready? Let’s get started with this speakers key specifications:

Speaker Size: 6.5″ – Watts RMS: N/A – Watts Peak: 200 –Dimensions 10.4″ x 8.8″ x 29.5″ – Weight: 22.4 lbs

Key Features

Lightweight and Easy to Carry – This is a portable pa speaker weighing in at just 23 pounds, this is one piece of equipment that you won’t need roadies to help you to set up. It has a handle built in to the back to make it easier to carry and to move around once set up.
The feet are rubberized to prevent them from skidding or sliding on slippery floors. It also features a pole socket that allows it to be mounted securely to a stand

Effortless Connection to Other Devices – The Bluetooth feature allows you to link another two units to play stereo sound if you prefer. An XLR link output makes it possible to connect subwoofers and loudspeakers.
Back facing alto trouper pa system

Three-Channel Audio Mixer Built-In – This allows you to easily integrate three different audio sources; plug in your mic, acoustic guitar, and your background music. There is a two-band EQ on each of the three channels so that the sound is cleanly mixed, no matter what frequency it is.

It Puts Out a Lot of Sound – The sound quality is something that comes as a surprise to most users. With 200 watts of power and bi-amplification combined three 6.5-inch woofers, this produces a lot more sound than you would think.
This is great if you are playing at a gig or if you want to amp up your home stereo system. We recommend starting at a lower volume and then working your way up because of the high-intensity sound output.

What We Like

Easy to Transport –We like that this is so lightweight and compact. If you’re a musician out on a gig by yourself, you have enough equipment to lug around without adding a heavy PA system to the mix. This model is so compact and light that you can stick it under your arm and carry it in.

You have the option of placing it on the floor or mounting it on a stand, which also adds to the convenience aspect.

Side facing alto trouper pa system

Has a Built-In Mixer – Again, this is great for the solo musician. It means one less piece of equipment that you need to lug around with you. The mixer works well, but you do have to be prepared to do some fine-tuning when you first start using it.

Easy to Use –The operation of this model is pretty simple. You don’t need to fiddle around with a bunch of wires and cables. You can, if you prefer, simply sync with any Bluetooth-enabled devices. Even if you decide to connect extra speakers in using the jacks at the back, everything is clearly marked.

It’s a simple plug and play device. If you need to rush to a gig, you can set it up in a few minutes, no problem.


Pros +
  • Reasonable price
  • High-performance equipment
  • Great sound
  • Compact and simple to transport
  • Integrated mixer and Bluetooth functionality
Cons –
  • You’ll have to fiddle to get the
    outputs for each device balanced
  • Bluetooth can have syncing issues

Who Is This Speaker Best Suited To

Side facing alto trouper pa system

This is mostly geared to the traveling musician who plays smaller gigs. The sound output is plenty for a smaller hall, and the pure portability of the entire system makes it easy to move from gig to gig. Choose to mount it on a stand, or use it as-is – either way, it works well.

The Bluetooth capability is useful in areas where space is cramped, as you can connect your devices without having to use any wires.

The Alto company also markets it as a useful addition to a home stereo or theatre system, but this is clearly not the primary purpose of this model.

What Customers Are Saying

Most users report that they love this system. It’s easy to use and puts out a very clear, crisp sound. Many users are pleasantly surprised by the sound quality, especially at this price level. The general consensus is that this is a good investment.

The Bluetooth feature is a little polarizing. Some people absolutely love it, but others find that they have syncing problems, especially when they have been using it for some time. Surprisingly enough, most users still feel it’s a good deal and are willing to recommend it despite these issues. To be on the safe side, though, it can’t hurt to plug your devices in if you’re going to be playing for extended periods of time.

The Bottom Line

You’re getting a pretty good piece of equipment here, especially if you need to travel to play gigs, like most musicians do. Getting the equalizer levels right initially is a bit of a pain, but you’d have the same issue with any other piece of equipment.

The Bluetooth feature might be a step too far for some users, but most agree that it works pretty well over shorter periods of time. Issues in this area are easily overcome by plugging in your devices instead of syncing them.

Would we recommend this as a home system? Probably not – it performs well, but this really is more of a professional-level PA system designed for performers. Spending this kind of money to boost your home stereo might be a bit of a waste. However, if you want to plug it in while you’re not using it for a gig, have at it.

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