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We’ve compiled vast amounts of information about DJ Speaker’s that are on the market at the moment. Truth is, you must take careful consideration because you need a sound system that’s right for your settings and environment.

Find below a list of the speakers and types we’ve reviewed:

Best DJ Speakers

Bose S1 Pro Portable

This is our list of the best 15 DJ speakers in 2020, covering everything you will need to know with a detailed buying guide and FAQ’s section.  DJ speakers can range in price, size and power so we have found the best options for all needs. 


Best Powered PA Speaker


Here our experts have tested and reviewed the top 10 powered PA speakers of 2020 to bring you everything you need to know before purchasing the product.  Feel confident in our picks as we have chosen products that will suit everyone’s needs.  

Best Passive PA Speakers

Our DJ equipment specialists have come up with this list of the best 10 passive PA speakers in 2020 to assist you make the right buying decision for your needs.  

Best Portable PA Speakers

Speakers that are smaller, lighter and portable are very important to some DJ’s that travel a lot and need to transport there equipment. This is why we had our team find the best 11 portable PA speakers in 2020 for theses of you needing to carry about your speakers. 

Best Studio Monitor Speakers

Studio monitor speakers are great tools for professional DJ’s, they are becoming more important making it to the next level. We have had our experts test and research the best 13 studio monitors of 2020 along with a complete buying guide to answer any of those questions you may have. 

Best Outdoor Speakers

bose 251

Imagine being the DJ at a large garden party or outdoor festival but you don’t have the correct speakers and the set is no good, this won’t happen if you have a outdoor designed speaker ready for the more rough and tumble environment. This is why we have put together a list of the 10 best outdoor speakers designed for all weathers and able for the tunes to travel well outdoors. 

Best Wireless Speakers

Sonos Move

The world has gone wireless and so should your music. Find out what are the best wireless speakers of 2020, we have picked a full range of features and prices to make the buying process as simple and stress free for our readers.

Best Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier R1280T

Bookshelf speakers are a general speaker that is for the home due to there size and ease of use. We have tested and reviewed the best 8 on the market today making your life that much easier. Follow our buying guide for even more advice when it comes to buying a bookshelf speaker


If you want to find out tips and tricks we’ve put together a hub of information in our blog including guides and resources to help you build your knowledge about the product(s) you are thinking of buying.

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