7 DJ podcasts worth checking out

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7 DJ Podcasts Worth Checking Out

Podcasts have become a great way to learn information about topics of interest. In addition, they offer the ability to listen to music or the latest DJ mixes that may not have been released to the mainstream population yet. Often times podcasts are available for free and can be downloaded so that you can enjoy them over and over again should you choose to. What is particularly intriguing about podcasts is that you can find one for anything. From gospel DJ’s to DJ’s performing in any language imaginable, there is a podcast out there that features exactly what you are looking for. This article will highlight some of the best DJ podcasts that are available and that are worth checking out.

Paris DJ’s Podcast.

This podcast has been around in various forms for some time. The most current version offers the subscriber the ability to download mixes from great DJ’s and teachers from all over the world. Past Paris DJ’s podcasts have included free MP3’s featuring unique tracks infusing reggae, jazz, and hip hop for an eclectic sound and vibe.

POSH Entertainment DJs Podcast.

This podcast is popular in the New Jersey and NYC area as it features some of the greatest radio talent that is heard in the region. DJ’s that are featured on the Top 40 countdown or have broken in to the mainstream billboard music charts are often featured on this podcast. If you are looking for the most popular tunes on the radio at the moment spun into eclectic mixes, this podcast is for you.

Transform DJs.

Gospel DJ’s who are on the road to spread the word of their religious beliefs. It is amazing that electronic dance music can reach people from all walks of life. There is something special about music in that it has the ability to reach a person no matter where they are in life. The same goes with the Transform DJ’s podcast. This podcast focuses on using electronic dance music to share ideas about life before birth, religion, and helps to “lead people to God” through this genre of music.


Based out of Seattle, this podcast takes place every Sunday evening at 9pm Pacific. Featuring the most obscure tunes from underground music ranging from today to the 1990s, this podcast is perfect for the DJ who is looking for unique sounds that have most likely never been heard before. Hosted by DJ Riz, Masa, and Kid Hops, this podcast is worth looking in to if you have a keen interest in finding fresh tracks to add to your next set or latest mix.

RA Podcast.

This podcast takes place on a weekly basis and was established in 2001. Hosted by Resident Advisor magazine, RA is a great podcast for those who are interested in learning more about a specific DJ as they often feature interviews and conversations with artists. Another favorite feature of this podcast is that there is a 1 hour mix available as well as a tracklist. When tuning in to the RA Podcast, you can expect to hear the best artists and DJs from around the world.

Keeping the Rave Alive.

This podcast takes place on a weekly basis and was created 5 years ago by DJ Kutski. DJ Kutski wanted to provide an opportunity for people to hear unique styles of dance music that are typically more rare than what is played for the mainstream population. Styles such as hardstyle, jumpstyle, and happy hardcore are featured on this podcast. If you prefer to DJ with some of the harder styles of electronic dance music, this podcast is a good one to add to your library. The podcast runs smoothly in that it is done in a radio station show format so you will get to “know” DJ Kutski by tuning in every week.

DHA Mixes.

Amsterdam is known for its deep underground music community however we have not uncovered many podcasts that include the talent of the European nations until now. The DHA mixes podcast is great for those who yearn for a weekly dosage of underground dance music. DHA or Deep House Amsterdam is a magazine that puts together this podcast on a weekly basis that offers subscribers a full tracklist as well as some of the greatest deep underground tunes.

There are hundreds, if not millions, of podcasts available at any given moment regardless of your interest area. The 7 podcasts listed here are just a sampling of what the DJ community has to offer. Whether you are interested in religion infused electronic dance music, or you have a deep desire to find uncovered gems, there is a podcast out there for you.

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