5 Tips To Using DJ Software For Beginners

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DJ mixing software is a virtual representation of a turntable used by DJs. Its purpose is to mix two songs into one track and then add the edits or remixes on the spot. DJ mixing software has helped many up and coming DJs. This has served their practice ground before stepping on to the big stage.

If you are an aspiring DJ then you must master this software for your own benefit. It takes a lot of practice before getting the hang of using a DJ beat making software. A lot of newbies get confused in using this software and with all the confusion it discourages them to the point of quitting. It may look complicated but once you understand and master the fundamentals of DJ mixing software you will discover how easy it can be. If you are new to this software, then allow us to ease up your learning process by following our five simple tips. Our tips may be basic but can serve as a foundation for your DJ career. We have also covered music production software for beginners in another post you can read here which is again very useful when starting out. 

1. Get acquainted with the software – If it is your first time using DJ software, it would help you a lot if you get acquainted with it. It is very simple. First step is to pick your first two songs that you will be mixing together. You can control which song you want to hear by the fader. The song can only be heard when the volume fader is raised on that side of the mixer. The fader, cueing and sequencing are the fundamentals in DJ mixing. Try to master them and after that, you can take the next step which is adding sound effects and mixing them together.

2. Master the filter folders – Filtering the folders is a good way in organizing your big collection of music. Having a messy music library can be a drag. You must keep the songs organized so that you won’t have a hard time searching for a specific soundtrack. Arrange your music based on genre so you can automatically search for them later on. There are many ways to filter your collection and it pays to learn and master this for your future needs.

3. Analyze the soundtrack – Analyzing and studying your tracks will show you if the songs are perfect for mixing. DJ mixing software can give you information like the bpm, song length and key which is very useful in your learning process. Give yourself time to study them to get a better depth of mixing music. It is easy to get this information in your mixing software. All you have to do is load the track onto a deck and right click and select reanalyze.

4. Learn the different sound output – The sound setup is important when you are playing in a crowd. It lets you arrange the output of the music from a single output, when you are using one speaker, the headphones setup, where you can play thru the speakers and the headphones and the advanced setting, which is used for attaching external mixers. This is important because when you are playing two tracks at the same time, you can control which tracks you want your crowd to hear.

5. Don’t overuse sound effects – A great way to make an awesome mix is to keep it simple. Avoid using too many sound effects, because it will just damage the music. If you think that DJing is all about the scratches and the fire alarm sounds, howling and buzzing then you are wrong. Instead of mixing soundtracks to one soulful music, you are creating trash.

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