4 Tips to make sure you don’t mistakenly buy fake DJ headphones

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Tips To Avoid Buying Fake Headphones 

It is true that the market is oversaturated by a plethora of headphones. The variety runs the gamut from cordless to corded, bluetooth, or noise-cancelling. In addition to the features available in a high quality pair of headphones, you can also choose from an array of styles. You can purchase a standard pair of black headphones or you can get a colorful hue that fits your personality. Some prefer earbuds while others want over the entire ear headphones. There are headphones for every interest and genre known to man. It is because of the wide variety of headphones that are on the market, that some have a hard time deciphering what makes a good pair of DJ headphones. While it sounds like a rookie mistake, more often than not a novice DJ may find themselves investing in a pair of what they believe to be DJ headphones only to find out quite quickly that they purchased a fake. This article will provide some tips to help you avoid this type of a misstep when first starting out in your DJ career.

1. Avoid purchasing headphones on eBay. While eBay is great for purchasing some items, it is not a great venue to invest in a high quality pair of DJ headphones. Although eBay has increased their technology and staffing over the recent years to be able to spot a counterfeit product, they have not perfected this by any means. It is likely that if you choose to purchase a pair of headphones on eBay for a deeply discounted price, you may be buying yourself a fake. No matter what the buyer description states or the photos that are posted, it is easy to sell a fake on eBay to unsuspecting buyers.

2. Purchase from a reputable website. If you prefer to make your purchases online instead of visiting your local electronics retailer, be sure that you make your purchase from a reputable site. There are many websites that offer a wide variety of high quality DJ headphones. Do your research on the product you want and look around the web and you will be able to find a great rate. Keep in mind that while some websites will show you a discount, they may charge for shipping which will negate the money saved. However, websites such as Amazon offer free two-day shipping as a prime member which is convenient and good money saved on shipping costs.

3. Do your research. Before making a decision on which pair of headphones to purchase, be sure to do your research on the brand and manufacturer. This will ensure that you purchase the real deal. Some brands will package items the same and name themselves closely to major brands which can trick consumers. If you find a great price that seems too good to be true, look further into the product to avoid disappointment later on. We also have a review on Normal Headphones vs DJ Headphones that might be handy to read over before making your purchase. 

4. Read reviews. Be sure to read consumer reviews about a product. When purchasing online, you can find a website that offers a great deal on a name brand however if the reviews state that the product is a fake, you will want to steer clear of this website altogether.

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